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Why BYOD? What do you want to achive

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Started by Robert Douglas 25 Oct 2011 8:00am () Replies (3)


The above link to Computers in NZ Schools is to an article I had published in Vol 23 No 2. My concern is that schools are rushing headlong into BYOD without considering what it is they are actually trying to achieve. Schools must beware the differnece between personal devices and in-class devices.


My view is that BYOD is not BYPD, Broing *your own* Device is not Bring *your prescribed* device.

To me true BYOD is where the student brings their device of choice, the one that they are comfortable with and that is with them 24/7, backed up by school provided in-class technologies.  I would rather a device that the stduent has with them than one they must go to. 

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.


  • Derek Wenmoth (View all users posts) 17 Nov 2011 11:28am ()

    Hi Robert - thanks for your post. I think your statement sums up the 'pure' view of a BYOD environment very nicely - I personally see that as the long term strategy here. Of course, there will be small steps that some will have to make to get there that may involve a more controlled environment, which, if it's properly thought through and decisions made for justifiable reasons (in the short term) then I can agree - but not if it's for the sake of 'control' and 'management' only. The kids will soon subvert it. 

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