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Why BYOD? What do you want to achive

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Started by Robert Douglas 25 Oct 2011 8:00am () Replies (3)


The above link to Computers in NZ Schools is to an article I had published in Vol 23 No 2. My concern is that schools are rushing headlong into BYOD without considering what it is they are actually trying to achieve. Schools must beware the differnece between personal devices and in-class devices.


My view is that BYOD is not BYPD, Broing *your own* Device is not Bring *your prescribed* device.

To me true BYOD is where the student brings their device of choice, the one that they are comfortable with and that is with them 24/7, backed up by school provided in-class technologies.  I would rather a device that the stduent has with them than one they must go to. 

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.


  • Mike Wilson (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2011 8:29pm ()

    Hi Robert, I remember reading that article and nodding the whole way through it, to me you are talking about common sense that many don't see. We are currently looking at a way foward with BYOD at our school (late adopters) but first need to set up the wifi side of things. I think the school setting a single device (like ipads) removes the problem with students actually bringing their own device but creates bigger, usually finiancially driven ones. Wifi cellphones and smaller devices is definitley being looked at, also these smaller devices suck less bandwidth, often somthing not thought about. I think the device is less for content creation and more for information gathering at least with current portable devices. 

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