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One way that I'll be using ICT to support teaching in term 4 is.....

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Started by Karen Spencer 12 Oct 2011 11:47am () Replies (17)

What excitement are you planning for the fast run down to Christmas? Share your idea, by finishing this sentence:

One way that I'll be using ICT to support teaching in term 4 is.....


  • Tracey Schumacher (View all users posts) 12 Oct 2011 1:09pm ()

    .... to hook up our microscope to the IWB so we can look closely at parts of insects (wings, parts of the body etc) as my Yr 0/1 class are going to be learning about Living Things this term.  Then we can label them and do all sorts of other things! Of course we will also use Google (our favourite) to search for exciting images.  And we'll check out National Geographic for kids site to see what it has for us.



  • Anne Sturgess (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2011 10:50am ()

    That does sound exciting, Tracey. Can I join in? Having seen your darlings in action I know the 'all sorts of other things' will encompass a wide range of learning opportunities.

  • Hamish Chalmers (View all users posts) 13 Oct 2011 12:38pm ()

    Reminding students of their collaborative textbooks on WikiEducator!


  • David Haythornthwaite (View all users posts) 17 Oct 2011 10:00am ()

    ...time lapse digital photographs of our school vegetable garden. Need to take a photgraph from the same spot everyday (will carefully mark the location and use a tripod), in the same direction (can be very tricky) and at the same time.  Will import the photos into FotoMagico to align and then render the sequence into a movie.

  • Hamish Chalmers (View all users posts) 17 Oct 2011 10:06am ()

    That's totally awesome! I bet there's some weather proof, wireless, battery-operated cams on trademe or somewhere that could be permanently mounted on a roof or some such hard to-get-to location to stimmy opportunist thieves. Not sure about the resolution but I know there's some security cams that have a pretty decent top-end in that respect.

  • Suskya Goodall (View all users posts) 22 Oct 2011 7:26am ()

    Using QR codes to reinforce learning about measurement and position geometry in the context of a pirate treasure hunt. We're also going to be using Garageband and iMovie for students to create scaffolds to teach others in their areas of expertise and to reflect on their learning.

  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 5:08pm ()

    We will continue to build the already strong relationships amongst our PLN, by evaluating how far we have come and what we are going to do next through the classroom walkthrough day where teachers can 'show and tell' their e-Learning journeys. This will be on a Saturday where we will physically visit schools in Auckland and virtually view our 'out of towners' classrooms through Skype.

  • Shaun Wood (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 9:25pm ()

    My students will be using blogs to reflect weekly and take part in the EduBlog Challenge which is really engaging to students. We will be using Diigo for Education for reading and inanimate Alice for a transmedia adventure in literacy.  

  • Shem Banbury (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2011 9:23pm ()

    Really keen to use google Docs as a tool to bring ideas together with my Year 7 class. 

    At this stage have used google docs as an online brainstorm or ideas as we watch a video on Earth's Resources. Worked amazingly well.

    Any other idea son how people have used google docs would be great.

  • Shaun Wood (View all users posts) 31 Oct 2011 9:42pm ()

    Google Docs is great for student writing, you can track the development of their writing and leave 'sticky note' comments for feedback. With the built in chat feature you can co-edit and discuss their writing as they as typing.

    Here are some more ideas: 


  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2011 8:15am ()

    Thanks for sharing, Shem. There is a thread in the Connected Cluster group on the topic of Google docs [/pg/pages/view/114904/how-google-docs-might-help] and a dedicated thread for all things Google in the Enabling e-Learning Technologies group [/mod/threaded_forums/topicposts.php?topic=119899&group_guid=53310] :-)

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2011 9:31pm ()

    We use Google Drawing quite heavily in our online ESOL school for labelling and drag and drop activities.  Here is one I made as a bird labelling activity but we have also made them for map work, sorting statements and for putting up board games with moveable pieces.

    Also, the ability to share with students for comments only has been brilliant for peer editing. I share their writing with another student and they can leave comments on each other's work without being able to change it. This proved hugely motivating for the students - they realised their work had a wider audience, they enjoyed 'marking' each others and then worked harder to try and not get as many comments on their own work. They rewrote sections based on questions and suggestions of their class mates. This is something I will definitely be doing again.

  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy (View all users posts) 02 Nov 2011 4:39pm ()

    ...that planning for the next six or so weeks has been set up for e-Learners (who I facilitate one day per week) under the following websites:

    1.http://whakatipurangahouatputauaki.weebly.com/ - an online resource space for interested parents, teachers and educationalists attending the Mini GATE Symposium in Whakatane that will eventually house four e-Learners pecha kucha presentations (via Slideshare) that focus on e-Learning and life in this digital world.

    2.http://11scienceandtechnologychallenges.weebly.com/ - a reference point weebly site re: eleven science and technology investigations-challenges based on the concepts of weather and the story 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls'.  e-Learners have used Survey Monkey to collate data and are yet to share their findings using a range of I.T mediums. Information will also be uploaded as a video with associated links to our One Day on Earth website for 11.11.11.

  • Enabling e-Learning (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2011 10:07am ()

    Thank you for your contributions, everyone. It's always interesting to crack open a window on what other people are up to:-)

    There is a huge variety of technologies being used in this group - I'd be very keen to have an example or two that shows how a particular technology specifically supports a learning intention, SOLO framework or similar. It's always helpful for the group to see that planning unpacked in a wee bit of detail. Anyone care to share?

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