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AirPlay Mirroring for iPad2

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Started by Matthew Thomas 11 Oct 2011 9:01pm () Replies (29)

Haven't seen anything here about Screen Mirroring of iPads with an AppleTV using iOS5. It's awesome!  Check the link here for more -->


We are going to get an Apple TV into every classroom and use an HDMI to VGA convertor to connect them to our class projectors.  Then we have wireless iPad screen sharing to our class projectors.  Awesome!

Anyone else planning to do this or have tried it out?


  • Marcus Norrish (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 8:55pm ()

    Have been trying the reflection app and while I prefer the Apple TV, as a cost effective option, it seems to work really well.  I used it to present an iBook based presentation that was created in iBooks Author.  When presenting video in the iBook the audio went from perfect to loud static without warning - not good really Laughing  Does not happen while not projecting...so still working out where the fault is.  

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 12 Mar 2012 9:02pm ()

    Agreed Marcus, Reflection app is awesome for schools on a strict budget, but Apple TV is the ultimate way to go.  Interesting to note that the next operating system for Mac (10.8) allows you to mirror your Mac screen wirelessly to an Apple TV as well.  No more dongles!

  • Steven Wills (View all users posts) 11 Mar 2012 9:22pm ()

    Have just downloaded the reflection app for the macbook pro osx10.6+. This $14 download allows the macbook to mirror the ipad or iphone via bluetooth. No need for apple tv, no more wires, no lag, perfect. Free demo version gives you 10 minutes to play before you buy. Designed with education in mind there are multi license purchase plans available. I haven't investigated this yet but if there are multiple ipads in the classroom they should be able to be shown wirelessly on the projector. Pay by paypal only. Further information from Discovery Education.

  • Jenny Smith (View all users posts) 06 Mar 2012 5:48pm ()

    Has anyone had HDCP issues mirroring iPad2 with Apple TV. HDMI cable being used with new short throw projector...

    1. Display of iPad screen works, but quite small (i.e. too small for display a PPT to whole class) - not sure if this is anything to do with mirroring or simply a limitation of the iPad resolution??
    2. YouTube won't play - HDCP error hit

    Checked HDMI connections and experimented with different HDMI cables in case the one I had was faulty, but still nothing especially with YouTube playback. 

    Any suggestions gratefully received! Smile



  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2012 10:51am ()

    I'm not sure about any technical aspects of running Apple TV with an iPad2, but just wanted to say, how much the kids enjoyed viewing the Doodlekat series (how to draw cartoons) in Youtube via Apple TV in the holidays.

    They were able to view the little clips, go back and draw exactly what the young instructor was doing -frame by frame. Even the 3yr old was able to join in. Great way to teach drawing! Smile


  • Richard Jones (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2012 8:40pm ()

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing that. I can see some potential to combine this with something like I Can Animate or similar. Lots of possiblitiesSmile

  • Shaun Wood (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2012 6:18pm ()

    The way I am doing it is connecting my laptop to the IWb or TV, then using the app "Spashtop" to connect remotely to it, that give me freedom to move withour cables.

  • Tracy Tindle (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2012 5:52pm ()

    I have a activeboard in my class and I would love to connect our ipads to it somehow.  Does anyone have any suggestions.  Would an HDMI to ipad cable work?

  • Louis Heap (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2012 7:20pm ()

    I agree - Splashtop Whiteboard is very good - also works well with Mimio software if you don't have an activeboard.

  • iDave (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2012 7:40pm ()

    I have an Apple TV connected to an HDMI to vga converter that the projector cable plugs into.  Works well tho I need to adjust the projector to make the picture the same aspect ratio as the iPad 2 (looks a bit squashed if I don't)  The converter also has sound out put to attach to speakers.  Not a good as Apple TV to HDMI but our projectors don't have HDMI input.  (works fine with a TV tho!)  

    Once connected just mirror the screen with Airplay

  • Mark Edwards (View all users posts) 01 Feb 2012 8:36am ()

    I have just set up an Apple Tv through an HDMI to VGA converter. It's working well but I am having trouble with airplaying videos created on the iPad2. This messsage comes up "This content requires HDCP for playback. HDCP isn't supported by your HDMI connection. This content requires HDCP for playback". I understand this is some kind of copyright protection thing. Any ideas as to how to get around this?

  • Stuart Hale (View all users posts) 29 Nov 2011 11:47am ()

    Just love Screen Mirroring of iPads with Apple TV - Just brought a new Epson projector with HDMI so when running workshops for schools on IOS device roll out and use can demo it for them. Hint make sure the Data Projector has a good speaker / and Amplifier for the sound - many I tested the sound level would be ineffective in most classrooms due to the volume level - would be a shame to then have to wire the Data Projector back to a sound amplifier

  • andy gorton (View all users posts) 21 Nov 2011 10:22am ()

    So, confused! ipad has 4:3 display. TV has widescreen display and thus via apple tv I can only fill part of widescreen tv screen via Airplay. Has someone got a workaround or are you all happy with smaller display on large widescreen ??

    Any thoughts/solutions appreciated. Only messed around with Apple tv for few mins so may have missed something obvious

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 21 Nov 2011 8:45pm ()

    Hi Andy -

    You're right, the 4:3 display on the iPad does mean that anytime you use airplay, you will have nice black bars on the tv screen.  The other option I suppose would be for Apple to stretch the image out so it fills the whole TV, but that would make everything very out of proportion, so I'm glad they didn't do that.

    But no, you havent missed anything obvious.


  • Mohi Mete (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2011 10:43am ()

    We have just bought an Apple TV and have one LCD TV for my class that I am currently trialling. So far has been great and the children love it.

    Possible snag that I can see is that if we go to multpile Apple TV's on our wireless network, how can you control which Apple TV the iPad mirrors to?

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2011 4:05pm ()

    Hi Mohi -

    You are able to rename the Apple TV to a name that makes sense (such as Room 21), and then you can also password protect the Apple TV.  Then only those students you want sharing to your Apple TV get the password, so you dont have random things popping up on your screen all the time!

    We have five Apple TVs setup like this in our school at the moment, and it works a treat.  We will eventually go to one in every class (22 classes), and don't see any problems with it, as long as the ATVs are named and have a password.

    Its also worth setting up your Apple TV so that it doesn't show the options to browse youtube, movie trailers, vimeo, etc while you are not screen mirroring.  I have also turned off the screen saver so that the Apple TV does not use up unneccesary bandwidth at school.

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 11:50am ()

    We purchased HDMI converters from both JayCar and Noel Leemings, and they both work fine.  they are powered converter boxes.  I'm just making a wee setup to test in classrooms. 

  • Mark Edwards (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 3:38pm ()

    Thanks for that. Be keen to hear how your testing goes Matt. Adapters ain't cheap. Should be well worth it though for the interactivity and collaboration on offer. I have Apple TV at home but not using mirroring much there. It is exciting to think of the possibilities for it in the classroom.

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