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AirPlay Mirroring for iPad2

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Started by Matthew Thomas 11 Oct 2011 9:01pm () Replies (29)

Haven't seen anything here about Screen Mirroring of iPads with an AppleTV using iOS5. It's awesome!  Check the link here for more -->


We are going to get an Apple TV into every classroom and use an HDMI to VGA convertor to connect them to our class projectors.  Then we have wireless iPad screen sharing to our class projectors.  Awesome!

Anyone else planning to do this or have tried it out?


  • Melinda Bennett (View all users posts) 11 Oct 2011 9:06pm ()

    We have moved away from projectors to LCD screens. Much cheaper option and less issues with sunlight. We are currently using HDMI cables to connect to iPads but are looking forward to using apple tv with iOS5!!!! Teachers and students can be collaboratively sharing ( iPad, screen, apple tv) for less than the cost of a decent projector! We have also taken down on IWB's, about to put them on trade me- can't see that you need them with the iPad wirelessly projecting!

  • Iona Rait (View all users posts) 11 Oct 2011 9:08pm ()

    Just reading that you can do this with Pair and Share options for android os too.  

  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 11 Oct 2011 9:06pm ()

    I'm excited about this too - for education it is THE biggest unsung hero in ios5. I've heard of people having really mixed results with the hdmi-to-via adapters, so try before you buy if you can.....

    This is a warning to everyone: make sure any new projectors have dvi/hdmi/display port connectors.... Laptop manufacturers are phasing out VGA connectors so in a couple of years your TELA laptop may not come with one...

  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 11 Oct 2011 9:08pm ()

    I agree, in most cases the iPad+appletv+tv solution will work out a better choice than an iwb.

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 11 Oct 2011 10:01pm ()

    Yes, I'd love to put LCD screens or HDMI projectors in our classrooms, but we'll stick with our current projectors for now.  This will be huge in schools.Laughing

  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 12 Oct 2011 12:12pm ()

    here is the convertor i have been thinking of buying fromamazon, that is proven to support hdmi w/HDCP and apporpriate vga scaling:


  • Mark Edwards (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 10:15am ()

    I am wanting to purchase an HDMI to VGA converter to do exactly what Matt is suggesting. Doesn't anyone know how much they are and where they can be bought? Has anyone done this yet? Any advice...

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 11:39am ()

    I'm sure you'll be able to get the connector you need from your local YooBee store. I have this setup at home and we just used an existing HDMI cable we had at home for a Playstation 3. It works really well with the update to AppleTV and iOS5 on the iPad2. Haven't tried it at school yet - too busy!


  • no one (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 11:47am ()

    Have used it at school and it works well. We have bought Viewsonic projectors that are cheap and have HDMI (and I am impressed with the quality as well). The students can showcase their work easily by Airplaying. They can also play their music compositions from their iPods/iPhones. Very cheap, effective and convenient.

    I don't know about an HDMI to VGA converter... this would be a digital to analog converter, not just a cheap cable I would think.

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 11:50am ()

    We purchased HDMI converters from both JayCar and Noel Leemings, and they both work fine.  they are powered converter boxes.  I'm just making a wee setup to test in classrooms. 

  • Mark Edwards (View all users posts) 28 Oct 2011 3:38pm ()

    Thanks for that. Be keen to hear how your testing goes Matt. Adapters ain't cheap. Should be well worth it though for the interactivity and collaboration on offer. I have Apple TV at home but not using mirroring much there. It is exciting to think of the possibilities for it in the classroom.

  • Mohi Mete (View all users posts) 11 Nov 2011 10:43am ()

    We have just bought an Apple TV and have one LCD TV for my class that I am currently trialling. So far has been great and the children love it.

    Possible snag that I can see is that if we go to multpile Apple TV's on our wireless network, how can you control which Apple TV the iPad mirrors to?

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 16 Nov 2011 4:05pm ()

    Hi Mohi -

    You are able to rename the Apple TV to a name that makes sense (such as Room 21), and then you can also password protect the Apple TV.  Then only those students you want sharing to your Apple TV get the password, so you dont have random things popping up on your screen all the time!

    We have five Apple TVs setup like this in our school at the moment, and it works a treat.  We will eventually go to one in every class (22 classes), and don't see any problems with it, as long as the ATVs are named and have a password.

    Its also worth setting up your Apple TV so that it doesn't show the options to browse youtube, movie trailers, vimeo, etc while you are not screen mirroring.  I have also turned off the screen saver so that the Apple TV does not use up unneccesary bandwidth at school.

  • andy gorton (View all users posts) 21 Nov 2011 10:22am ()

    So, confused! ipad has 4:3 display. TV has widescreen display and thus via apple tv I can only fill part of widescreen tv screen via Airplay. Has someone got a workaround or are you all happy with smaller display on large widescreen ??

    Any thoughts/solutions appreciated. Only messed around with Apple tv for few mins so may have missed something obvious

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 21 Nov 2011 8:45pm ()

    Hi Andy -

    You're right, the 4:3 display on the iPad does mean that anytime you use airplay, you will have nice black bars on the tv screen.  The other option I suppose would be for Apple to stretch the image out so it fills the whole TV, but that would make everything very out of proportion, so I'm glad they didn't do that.

    But no, you havent missed anything obvious.


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