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Locking an iPod Touch or iPad

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Started by Allanah King 26 Sep 2011 8:52pm () Replies (3)

You can set a passcode on your iPad/iPod Touch to lock it which is excellent if you have sensitive information on it and it's only going to be used my you. But if an iOS device is locked your HAVE to have the four number pass code to unlock it.

Last week I wanted to show apps at a workshop so borrowed an iPad 2 so I got put a VGA data projector cable in it and project it onto the big screen.

The plan was to restore it to factory settings and put the apps that I needed to show on it and then return it.

The iPad 2 had a lock code on it.  I tried a number of combinations on it that I thought might have worked and had to ring the owner for the code.

I couldn't even restore it without the passcode.

What if some cherub or person with a forgetful memory locks the iPad and that would be the end of that!!!!

Does anyone know of anything that you can do to prevent that from happening?????


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