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What the iPad (and Other Technology) Can’t Replace in Education

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 23 Sep 2011 11:43am () Replies (1)

Here's an interesting post from the 21st century Fluency Project blog: http://www.fluency21.com//blogpost.cfm?blogID=2184

The gist is that we are blinded by the platform and don't pay enough attention to what's on it or how we are using it.

Here's the opening paragraph as a taster:

"A recent article in The New York Times explains how after investing $33 million in technology, a school district in Arizona has seen almost no improvement in test scores.


It’s no surprise that we as a society have a kind of blind faith that technology is able to solve all of our problems. Yet while the iPad can and should replace textbooks, it can’t replace common sense.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happening in education reform. We’re focused so much on the device that we’re ignoring what’s on it..."


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