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Do principals really have time for a PLN?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 15 Sep 2011 10:14am () Replies (10)

..and what's the point, anyway?

I was asked this question recently, and it's a good one. School leaders are hugely busy, time-poor and also expected to model learning for themselves and with their staff. How to tackle it?

We're told it's important because....

  • We need to connect to others to check and extend our own thinking
  • Technology can make this more efficient and interesting/stimulating
  • A PLN reduces isolation in thinking through belonging to communities
  • Look at the BES Leadership - Principals need to keep their own learning going, however informally

Here are a few useful links that I also shared in my response to the question: 

What might be the main reasons for having a PLN if you are a busy school leader?


  • dakinane (View all users posts) 03 Oct 2011 1:31pm ()

    It is the power to connect and share such rich information in 140 characters that gives Twitter its PLN power.  Just by joining and then lurking (watching and reading what others have to say) opens up a world of information to a busy Principal. I have started to compile a list of Principals who use Twitter, you can follow what they have to say here


    Twitter gets a bad press from the banality of what is said. If you follow the right people and dip in and out using tools such as http://tweetdeck.com to curate twitter content, then the 5 minutes a day needed to keep abreast of trends and opinions in education will be well spent and will be extremely informative.

  • dakinane (View all users posts) 03 Oct 2011 2:32pm ()

    Carolyn, please send me their @usernames on twitter and I will follow them, I just need to spend time trawling Twitter to add them to the list, so all names gratefully accepted!



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