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iPad Infrastructure Setup for Schools

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Started by Matthew Thomas 09 Sep 2011 4:36pm () Replies (3)

I would love to hear about what schools are doing to set up for success with iOS device roll outs in terms of infrastructure. What systems and extra hardware / software are schools using or planning to use to aid in effective learning environments with iPads?


  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2011 4:52pm ()

    At Selwyn Ridge, we are preparing for a largish iPad rollout. We have been thinking about systems to make sure we can use these devices effectively. Some of the things we now have in place -

    * Increased the number of airport extremes around the school, with the ability to continue putting more in depending on need for WIFI.

    * Setup an enterprise RADIUS network for WIFI and easy sign on to our network from devices.

    * Setup WordPress as our blogging platform on our own server. This makes it really fast to transfer movies and images onto blog posts using the WordPress app.

    * Setup Printopia onto our server so any device can print to any of our school printers and save files that can be printed as PDFs onto shared folder on the server.

    * Setup a WebDAV app onto several Macs (and eventually our server), so we can transfer files to and from iPad devices using WebDAV. This means we can transfer Pages files, Keynote presentations, Numbers spreadsheets, PDFs, movies and images wirelessly and at speed.

    * Purchased one iRig mic to test with iPads, and need to plan for purchasing more now (it's really good!).

    * Designed and built a cheap (< $10) iPad tripod mount for filming.

    * Set up an Apple TV and HDMI to VGA adaptor for wirelessly connecting an iPad (through screen mirroring in iOS 5) to a classroom projector. We are now budgeting for this setup in every classroom.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 24 Oct 2011 9:34am ()

    Having just had a baptism by fire with setting up 10 new iPad2s over the holidays, caught in the middle by the iOS5 update, I found the following post quite interesting:

    iPad deployment: Backup/restore deployment strategy and steps



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