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One-to-one devices in schools

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Started by Tessa Gray 02 Sep 2011 12:40pm () Replies (3)

It seems more and more schools are considering, trialing or implementing one-to-one devices in their classrooms.

Orewa college has asked parents to provide their year 9 students with a mobile device for next year, the Manaiakalani project shares a reflective summary on one netbook per child, one Calgary college is building iPads into the cost of tuition, Zeeland students get Ipads from grants and Tech news reports Irish school kids swap books for iPads. The rationale in this last example, is that students will be more employable and it will end up costing the school less (40pc) than conventional books.

Is your school thinking about more access to mobile devices?What are some of the issues, celebrations and successes with managing multiple devices?


  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 08 Sep 2011 9:23pm ()

    An article on the front page of the Rotorua Daily Post tonight, http://www.rotoruadailypost.co.nz/news/low-cost-tablet-pcs-for-pupils/1095962/ talks about a local school sourcing tablets for all students at about $10 a month.  These appear to be a google android type tablet which is sourced from China. 

    What experience have other people had with tablets - and those other than ipads? At the BOP Educamp we heard that there were problems with proxy servers, syncing apps, storage, overcharging batteries; not biggies but certainly issues that meant that teachers have to be dedicated techies at this point, ready to explore and problem solve rather than just hoping someone else deals with these things for them.

    If we ask all students to have devices will we suddenly turn around the technophobes that were the subject of a long discussion on the VLN recently?

    My own teenagers hate using our ipad2 for assignments, much preferring a standard laptop, although it is cool for Skype, Facebook and reading the Herald!

    At our school we have two digital classrooms side by side and we're finding that even with some pretty meaty wireless routers, 60 laptops are fighting for wireless access and falling off.  What happens when 500 students are all competing at once?

    What happens when parents don't want to pay?  Will we end up with a huge divide between haves and have nots?

    I'm looking forward to hearing what other people think; I agree that we are heading for the mobile device and I'm sure prices will come down. But have we thought about what we want from a device before we leap into them?  Are tablets what we need right now?


  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 09 Sep 2011 11:15am ()

    ..and here's another example of a school moving towards 'bring your own'.

    This is a trial for Year 13 only at the moment, but won't make own devices compulsory.

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