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Young children using the 'Paint' programme independently.

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Started by Susan Lindsey 29 Aug 2011 10:44pm () Replies (4)

Hey everyone

Well the group is slowly growing in size.  I have been trialling using the paint programme with my NE class however the children are having a few problems using the programme independently.  Wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what I could do to get this up and running in my room or maybe someone knows of an easier programme we could try.



  • Barbara Wenn (View all users posts) 29 Aug 2011 11:58pm ()

    Basic PAINT is great so long as you show them the brushes!!!! and not have them use the pencil - who ever uses a pencil to paint with anyway!

    I have a few basic but effective rules -

    • NO RUBBER and that saves all the false starts and very messy pictures.
    • ctrl+ z to undo - they click onto that really fast. It will only undo 3 strokes back so teaching the children to undo something as soon as it looks wrong is best. 
    • have a time frame and an expectation that they will create a picture of ......
    • teach them to save all creations and then they can go back and edit
    • NEs start with a buddy so that they can work together to learn the basics of the programme
  • Susan Lindsey (View all users posts) 30 Aug 2011 9:00pm ()

    Thanks Barbara, after reading your post I realised I probably gave up too soon, I didn't think about talking them through a few basic rules. I will start again tomorrow and try to have a bit more patience. Smile

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 31 Aug 2011 11:09am ()

    Great ideas Barbara, definitely the paint brush and not the pencil.

    Children often find it easier to create marks on paper, so creating drawings on the computer can be a little trickier. Sand-pit time to play and get to the know the programme is really important. Here is another idea for creating images in Paint.

    1. Have the children draw (from observation, imagination) using pencil on A5 or smaller sized paper
    2. Cut OHT plastic into four pieces and place one sheet over the original pencil drawing. Hold with blutak. 
    3. Trace the image using dry erase pen/whiteboard marker – this means you can keep reusing the OHT plastic
    4. Open paint on desktop or laptop computer
    5. Blutak OHT plastic onto desktop or tape over the back of a laptop
    6. Trace in Paint programme using brushes to
    • Firstly draw all the outlines
    • Next fill in colour using Paint pot tool
    • Lastly add any texture using spray tool


     The following images were created by Y2s, but the idea can be adapted for the little ones as well.





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