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How are you fostering effective teacher learning?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 25 Aug 2011 10:36am () Replies (7)

To build a strong house, you need all the walls to be strong, and well built.You can work on each wall individually, and one wall may be started or finished before another, but they are always built with an eye on the whole house.

I really like the way Dunedin City Rise cluster have managed their professional development, as described in their reflective summary (thanks, Diane Mills here). She makes the point very clearly that professional learning is intertwined - and therefore, must be aligned - with a range of other dimensions across the school - leadership, infrastructure development, community engagement....

I wonder how other schools manage the 'wall building'? How do you make sure that the different dimensions develop together, to make sure professional learning is aligned with a bigger picture?


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