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  • Warren Grieve 25 Jan 2015 10:01pm () in Using google drive for internal school management effectively - advantages and challenges

    We have one central account that will hold all docs that are essential to the school and "belong" to the school. If you create a share in this persons folder and setup teacher group permissions on this then everyone can edit and drop docs into this and then transfer ownership to the school "admin". 

    When staff leave school it will be important to have a decomissioning process that checks this has been done. 

    In our folder we have a staff shared (docs private with staff- folders inside with different levels of viewing permissions also), pupil shared (all in school again folders within with varying levels of viewing), and public which is open to view by anyone. 

  • Warren Grieve 25 Jan 2015 8:42am () in ICT indicators

    I agree with starting with the eLearning framework the idea being plan as a syndicate for integrated ict use (which is really just learning) and then if any training/PD is needed do it on what is coming up. Important to have reasons for use and celebration within a team is great. You can integrate this with your PD prog. Keep it simple.

    Sometimes it is helpful to have a ladder of where you can go with a programme... see link below for resource. BUT again only use them after the planning has been done. You can use them to peer assess, "Where am I at with this tool?"


  • Warren Grieve 25 Jan 2015 8:34am () in Photo effects on mac

    Photobooth has effects with "greenscreen" type backgrounds including aquarium. You take a photo with the background effect in place.

    Otherwise it depends on what your foreground picture is. Using Pages (with all macs), if I have a pic of me on a plain background I can use the alpha tool to take out the background and put any behind it that I want. See partially done image below I did in two minutes.


  • Warren Grieve 11 Dec 2014 6:30pm () in Chromebook vs Ipads

    Re iPad. Use Google Drive and you can upload video and photos direct from within the app. 

    It is also important to note with either iPad or ChromeBook you still need to login the app or the Chromebook to a align it with a user. With the iPad it is a bit more disjointed if using the camera app it places photos on device/icloud and then you use the Drive App.

    Again, as others outline the importance is to note that the devices are different - obvious with a different emphasis. We use laptops with Google Apps but for a range of more creative higher level uses the iPad gets used. For instance, in blogging the quickness of an iPad, mobility of a camera means small blog entries are much easier on iPad, longer entries then a keyboard is more useful. The impact of the drag type keyboards on iPads may help in this area.

    I am writing this from the point of view of a teacher using laptops and ipads in a 1:1 computing environment.

  • Warren Grieve 19 Sep 2014 5:48pm () in Teaching kids typing skills??

    I get pupils in my Year 5 to learn touch-typing and handwrite as well. I figure both are important. We draft some stories by hand but certainly on the computer I get a lot more editing of work than when we do it by hand. I never draft by hand these days... my poetry I write straight into my phone!

    Comments on some of the handwriting is better research: The note taking research had a few holes in it. Mind-mapping notes on a computer would be probably a way to better engage the mind in a lecture than copying adfinitum (it would also be closer to what people were oing by handwriting)d. Whynot just watch a video of the lecture.

  • Warren Grieve 18 Aug 2014 11:10am () in Pond Invite

    Would love to have an invite from someone swimming in the POND. :)

  • Warren Grieve 07 May 2014 7:40pm () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    We are using Meraki for both iPad and Macbooks at our school. We actually have a kitload of Meraki Access Points and Switches also and the detail we get in the easy to use dashboard is great for spotting problems.

  • Warren Grieve 09 Apr 2014 7:00pm () in File management best practice in google docs ???

    If you locate them into the one folder then you also can back up that one folder to a local machine to give a little more security. I have one admin account folder as suggested at the top level, under that folders like: senior management, all staff, ictadmin etc each with their own approproate permissions and sharing. Thus all these can be backed up in one go from the top folder.

  • Warren Grieve 09 Apr 2014 6:56pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    When setting up Google apps consider having a common docs type account into which you can locate common or shared taecher docs if you intend to move admin features, minutes, planning into Gapps. This can then be easily maintained, bakced up locally. We locate all docs that are important to school running or need to be left behind when someone leaves in such an area. Makes handover much easier and means they are easy to backup in one spot to a local drive. Consider staged rollout...... teachers.... pupils.... Train eLearning staff in holidays so they can act as faciitators when launched.

  • Warren Grieve 07 Nov 2013 5:24pm () in iPads and Apple TV

    Not quite what you want:

    http://www.airsquirrels.com/reflector/ or http://www.airserver.com/en/Download# 

    No other official way unless you jailbreak.