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  • dorothyjburt 07 Dec 2014 9:28am () in Google Sites e-portfolios for Secondary School Seniors

    Hi Tim


    I recommend you take time to investigate the work of Karen Ferguson at Tamaki College.

    On this blog post she embeds a Thinglink with links to her year of Inquiry via MIT14.


    You will hear/ read/ view Karen's voice and her learners around how NZQA have accepted their G Sites this year in NCEA.




  • dorothyjburt 07 Aug 2013 10:52am () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    @Cheryl re email:  In our cluster of 11 GAFE Schools there are a wide range of Mail clients in use.  Our cluster staff access gmail in Apple Mail, Outlook, through a variety of browsers etc.  It 'just works'.

    @anjela and others commenting on kids/teachers moving their content as lifelong learners.  We have found a simple solution.  Create a folder >share the folder with your new Google Account > dump all docs in the shared folder(select all >move) > change folder ownership to the new account

    We have found that students from Year 5-13 can do this themselves - haven't tried with younger kids yet.

    Teachers Dashboard, including Remote Control, was designed simply to solve a number of the problems in this thread :)


  • dorothyjburt 22 Jan 2013 9:15am () in Mega Upload vs Mega

    Sean, my question for NZ schools is about speed/ bandwidth if we have a file sharing space that is in NZ, would that mean we could store our student created videos on them without it being off shore traffic.  So it would be faster to access (upload/download) and cheaper for schools whose pricing is impacted by whether the traffic is off shore or not?