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  • Mike Boon 27 Feb 2020 7:17pm () in Old iPads - What are people doing?

    Hi Team, 

    I'm having an issue with aging iPads. I've started at a new job and they have plenty of iPads which I would like to use for Seesaw and filming activities with iMovie and/or Flipgrid. 

    How are schools or tech teachers updating these? I updated mine the other day and various things - browsers, iMovie and others - dropped off. When I tried to reload them from the app store, they were no longer available for IOS9. 

    My workaround was to find an iPad that had the apps I wanted and then used that as a restore point for the others. 

    Are there any other tricks? As I said to the guy from Apple this morning, it seems a real shame to have thousands of dollars worth of tech sitting there quickly becoming redundant. As a school we can't really afford to do a full replacement and I need to make the best use of what we've got.

    Cheers everyone!!

    Mike B