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Craig Harrison's discussion posts

  • Craig Harrison 28 Jun 2013 10:40am () in Apple tv

    I would also recomend checking to see if the serial numbers match this list.  We had 5 of our Apple TV's replaced under this recall due to intermittent WiFi problems.  I stumbled upon the article by accident when searching the net for solutions to our Apple TV conneciton problems and when I sent the five that matched into the service center one at a time they were all replaced.

    We also found some improvement when turning on the passcode feature on the Apple TV as this prevents any other devices from interupting the session once it is established and the passcode entered which previosuly students could do accidentally from their device.

    Finally as others have suggested we are now adding cabled connections to each of our Apple TV's which we are expecting to improve performance.

    Also unfortunately the Apple TV's use an Apple protocol called Bonjour which is fine for small home networks but does not work very well in school networks where there are lots of devices and multiple Apple TV's.  It would be worth talking to your WiFi/Network provider/specialist about the Apple Bonjour protocol and if there are any settings they can change on your network to aleviate some of the problems with Bonjour and the broadcast/multicast traffic it generates.  However this may first require the Apple TV's to all have cabled connections.

  • Craig Harrison 10 May 2013 9:43am () in Airprint using iPads

    +1 to Printopia.  It is working well for us installed on a Mac Mini that is left permanently on.  Gives access to the iPads to any networked printers we enable it for and also alows for the username/password authentication (just the first time select a printer on the iPad) needed to support cost recovery systems such as PaperCut and Monitor.

  • Craig Harrison 28 Aug 2012 3:05pm () in Managing printing budgets using printopia

    Hi Daniel,

    No, you have two users, one setup for the senior printing budget only, and one setup for the junior printing budget only.  When you connect an iPad to a printer via Printopia you enter either one of these two usernames/password on the iPad depending on which budget you want that iPad to use.  From then on all printing from that iPad will go to that budget.

    We are now using SupervisorNet/Monitor for cost recovery rather than PaperCut but found both work the same with Printopia. 

    No need for two versions of printopia.

    Kind regards,


  • Craig Harrison 28 Aug 2012 12:32pm () in Managing printing budgets using printopia

    Hi Daniel,

    We found that Printopia is smarter than that, and when you connect to the printer from the iPad it prompts for a username and password, and charges to that persons account and not the account of the laptop running printopia.  So no problem with getting the right user to change.  However it can not handle an account with more than one budget, so the users must have just one budget only.  We have tried this using both PaperCut and SupervisorNet/Monitor cost recovery systems sucessfully.

    We installed Printopia on a small Mac Mini server that we leave on all the time.  The Mac Mini server can also do Time Machine backups of the laptops and other useful things and so may be a good investment if you are going to have more Apples and iOS devices.

    Kind regards,