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  • Shane 25 May 2017 9:38am () in Developing school wide student agency in primary schools

    Any luck getting much feedback?

  • Shane 19 Apr 2013 10:08am () in ICT school guidelines

    Hi Warren, I downloaded the App, but can't seem to add a class or manipulate to create badges, do I have to go through some other site to set this up?




  • Shane 16 Apr 2013 9:58pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Fair enough, I have some as young as 8 through to 10 so a younger age group. I think like anything ICT is but a tool to get an ends. The point you are making I could name my children who would fit into that type of process, unfortunately we are not all the same and some children need set lists to target and achieve too. If I didnt believe it would work I wouldnt spend above and beyond trying to find an answer. Put simply Balance is the way.

    I think 'traditional' can also be seen wrong. Yes there are changes in ICT, but sometimes tradition paves the way for success for students and to allow them to be successful in school, which is far more information that knowing how to use fancy online tools. If I thought for a second ICT was getting in the way of my students I would drop it. Balance is important and being reflective, hence why it is great to discuss to see the different approaches we are taking as teachers:)

  • Shane 16 Apr 2013 9:49pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Cool will have a look, any other information that I need to know?

  • Shane 16 Apr 2013 9:28pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Good point, I am challenged by this also. We have a number of laptops but the staff members under utilise them. They are not as comfortable working on them. It is something new to these staff members and I have got across the need to all have wikis and update them. They have bought in. My next challenge is to enhance their literacy on computers, as well as allowing them to let student in their class learn and communicate themselves through the tools they are using.

  • Shane 16 Apr 2013 9:25pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Thanks Trevor for the challenging points. There are some great ideas here and I value all of these points.

    I would have to disagree in some parts, in an ideal world everyone would agree on things and there would be no problems. Unfortunately unless we mandate, no one does certain things.

    For example children I 'taught' set skills too are capable, confident and able to do tasks in no time. Usually within two sessions. I have a general list I would on each year, but have looked to finalise skills so that I am not left with such gaps in learn and vast learning differences when it comes to ICT.


    An example is a group of students I have given two or three tasks to do. Those that I have worked with in my previously class who picked up the skills in my previous class and had my expectations were finished within two sessions. The 'other' children and those that didnt pay attention to set skill teaching have taken between two weeks to four weeks more catching up in class, in morning teas and lunch times. That for me is a for of comparison that would warrant a need for basic skills as well as skills taught around programs that you might use during the year.


    If I dont get a mandate or set of criteria to follow students will come through not having done ICT because there is no expectation to do it. This is another good reason for a sheet of skills; for those in junior levels and middle schools who do not like doing these ICT based activities, there is not a reason for them to do it. Also it will allow for the school to lift expectation and put in place for Year 6, 7 and 8 expectations that will put them in a good place.


    I would also agree that students should learn the concepts so that they can adjust to new situations. But... the problem is if they never get the chance to be in situations of ICT, how will they be able to deal with it when they are thrown in the deep end. Many other facts influence: computer numbers, other resources, home life and so forth. I would have to say that if you are in the position of not needing criteria that is fantastic and something to admire, but to build a house you need a foundation. Without it we are hitting and hoping things will stay there.


    I value all your ideas, especially the good ones that challenge us to think about whether our practice is a practice worthy of pursuing. I have enjoyed reading each of the above posts and see VLN as something that bridges the gaps I have to have challenging ICT discussions in a small school with most who are at a beginning stage :-)


    Also great resources Tessa throughout the variety of postings you are in:)

  • Shane 15 Apr 2013 10:14pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Hi I have started to put together a list of all the skills required for each age group in schools. I know most of what Year 5-6 students should do, but havent taught in the lower or upper ends of schooling. Our school goes from Year 1-8 and I would like to have a clear guideline of skills students should have around ICT. Does anyone have any ideas, charts etc that I could look at to formulate a way forward for our school. Thanks...

  • Shane 15 Apr 2013 10:08pm () in The process to complete

    Thanks heaps, was hoping sooner than later, but I know there are realities. Having two computers in your class can get quite frustrating when ICT can be used as a fantastic tool. I have started to use Puppet Pals 2 in the class using my iPad, but would be cool if BYOD allowed for groups to use it all at one time rather than just one select group.


  • Shane 15 Apr 2013 10:03pm () in Child's device shared or not shared in class?

    HI Helen, how were your policies going? Process easy etc? I have to compile enough information before ours can get off the ground.

  • Shane 07 Apr 2013 10:41am () in The process to complete

    BYOD in my view is an extension of what you already have in school. It is just that the students are able to increase the amount of time they can have access to one computer/tablet for themselves.

    My principal was saying that a school had done a two year process to get BYOD in place, I believe this is unrealistic. I was wondering what others had done? Personally I think a term of looking at it, putting a policy in place and having a community consultation at the end would surfice.

    One point he made was that there was problems with what they could access on their tablets... I don't think this is relevant as we already have laptops and the internet access would be the same on them as they would be for anyone who had BYOD.


    Any thoughts on this process as I am down to two computers in my class and want the BYOD to go ahead asap as I have 4-6 students who will be able to bring their own devices in.