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Mere Bennison's discussion posts

  • Mere Bennison 27 Feb 2018 7:23pm () in Frameworks to help teachers support Māori learners

    I am carrying out a Teacher Inquiry about, "How digital technology can be implemented to support students that are discontinued  from reading recovery to make further progress with their literacy skills.?" In the class I teach in there is a target group of these discontinued learners, 7 in total who are all Maori. I have researched through my mindlab course and talking with teacher colleagues, resource teachers  into how digital technology impacts on literacy skills and taken this further into a teacher inquiry project as mentioned already. My teaching-learning focus plan is to set the target group up with the use of a reading app called, 'Front Row' and trial this with them for a term. I will gather pre and post data to compare and analyse to find out if there has been a positive impact for these students. I believe having engagement, motivation and innovation will have a positive outcome for these students.