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Helen Moore's discussion posts

  • Helen Moore 02 Jul 2017 3:43pm () in Help

    Hi Ally, thank you for your suggestions - it would be great to talk to you. When will you be next in Northland?

  • Helen Moore 10 Jun 2017 3:41pm () in Help

    Another thing I am starting to wonder about is would it be feasible to focus on one of the capabilities for a term (or year preferably) instead of one of the strands. For example, our school curriculum "does" science as inquiry in Term 2 focussing on a different strand each year (but not the NoS strand) so student get to do each strand twice in 8 years. How about if we focussed instead on one of the capabilities and used that across all of the strands in a year. This would mean the students would get greater exposure to all the strands as well as the NoS. Or would that be too ambitious?

  • Helen Moore 05 Jun 2017 5:01pm () in Help

    Thank you for that Joy, I will get hold of the NZCER curriculum book. I nearly ordered in online the site didn't seem secure enough for me to hand over my credit card details, will get the school to order it. Do you have an opinion on whether having regular staffroom science experiences would get teacher confidence and interest up?

  • Helen Moore 31 May 2017 2:58pm () in Help

    Hi, I am new to VLN and am looking for some help/advice about improving science in my school. While not discouraged, science is not also not actively encouraged and my research shows two main reasons - teachers are not confident in their scientific ability and there has been no PLD in science for a number of years (if at all). We have 3 digital classrooms with more coming online. We are a small low decile school in rural Northland so money is tight but I am looking for some strategies I could use to engage the teachers and use the wider science community to help with this. Any suggestions gratefully received.