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Tama Emery's discussion posts

  • Tama Emery 12 May 2017 9:33pm () in Enabling e-Learning forum: Digital technologies in the national curriculum

    Kia ora koutou katoa,

    My name is Tama Emery, the Community Projects Manager for 7e Systems and Community Access Group. My role pertains (in part) to the conception of quality AR, VR, MR and AI technology platforms within the community and education sectors while remaining aligned to our philosophy of succession.

    Our advanced technologies are tailor made to each schools and tertiary providers needs (as described from the schools teachers, SENCO, Senior Management and/or RTLB's); allowing students and teachers to create, communicate and interact with subject/topic content and learning through cutting edge 4D, 3D, Video or Image visuals.

    This particular approach comes from understanding and working towards a highly preffered Visual Learning Style as found in our research, mentoring programmes and pilot engagements. If you would like to know more on how this technology may benefit you, your school/provider and your learners please feel free to contact me directly.

    Thank you Tessa for the discussion topic :)