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Louise Gray's discussion posts

  • Louise Gray 01 Apr 2017 6:04pm () in PBL

    I have just started using seesaw for students to document their project. My last discussion topic was asking "What makes good PBL"? There seems to be some opinion it can be done poorly. Found this website https://www.bie.org/blog/gold_standard_pbl_essential_project_design_elements.

    Any comments on their criteria for good PBL?

  • Louise Gray 01 Apr 2017 5:48pm () in Diving into Seesaw

    Thank you Katrina, I loved your webinar. I did not join the live webinar, I just watched the recording but it was at just the right level and pace for a newbie like me.

    have just stumbled across seesaw and saw it as a much better alternative to blogger which I was trying to use with my class before. I have just set up seesaw with my year 9 electronics class (so they are older than most of your users!)

    For their electronics project, I wanted them to record their reflections on their collaborative efforts, design thinking, photos of their progress and problem solving. Also wanted students to share their work with parents or families in the islands for example. Just started using it, so I will let you know how it goes! but it looks fantastic and so much easier and user friendly than blogger.

  • Louise Gray 26 Mar 2017 3:04pm () in PBL and John Hattie

    I have heard on the grapevine (or should I say on some blogs) recently  that John Hattie is not that in favour of PBL. Or did I not get that right? What were his objections exactly?