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  • MichelleNZ 11 Sep 2017 9:12am () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?


    We've also had PD with Murray Gadd (years ago now) and used his rubric in the past to mark our writing assessment. It would be interesting to hear what his thoughts are on e-asTTle. Are you using his rubric or the e-asTTle rubric to assess your students' writing? 



  • MichelleNZ 11 Sep 2017 9:10am () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Thanks for all the feedback. We've had a look at the information provided by e-asTTle in regards to creating our own prompts. Our initial idea was to create our own prompts, mark them against the rubric and use the conversion table to get a curriculum level.

    Conversion table from rubric scores to scale scores

    The table and its associated information have been put together in response to requests from teachers and schools, particularly so that they can widen the formative use of the e-asTTle writing tool. Teachers can use the table to convert an e-asTTle rubric score to an e-asTTle writing scale score (an aWs score) and curriculum level descriptor. This should be used only when a non-standardised form of writing assessment is being undertaken, for instance, when:

    • a teacher-made prompt is used
    • students have revised drafts that were originally written as part of a normal e-asTTle assessment.

    Please note: Curriculum levels derived from the use of the conversion table will not correlate with results entered into e-asTTle because prompts in e-asTTle have been calibrated and ranked based on how difficult the prompt and purpose is to write. The conversion table should be used only when a non-standardised form of writing assessment is undertaken. If the the assessment has used an e-asTTle writing prompt and has been administered under standardised conditions, rubric scores should be entered into the e-asTTle application, as this will ensure the most accurate assessment for the writing. 

    Is that what other people have done? 


  • MichelleNZ 31 Aug 2017 12:20pm () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Does anyone/school have experience with creating an e-asTTle writing prompt rather than using the ones available? We are interested in attempting this and would appreciate any advice or expertise from the community.