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  • traceycringle 24 Jul 2017 7:41pm () in Specialist Literacy Teachers in Primary/Intermediate

    How are you getting on Tash? I am working in Intermediate and have a particular focus on literacy as a COL member. We are also working collaboratively with Science and SOS, and I would be interested to know how sharing the literacy load is working in practice.

  • traceycringle 24 Jul 2017 12:39pm () in Help please? What digital tool would I use?

    On a lighter note - have you trialled Wordle (or similar) apps? Students can list words (for example - connected to current topic), and then create a fun shape using those words (eg train if topic is transport). Students find this fun and engaging, and you are actually encouraging them to create a comprehensive topic word list. 

  • traceycringle 12 Mar 2017 12:28pm () in What does LT Planning in a collaborative learning space look like...

    I think Steve has the answer - the LTPs need to have 'wriggle room'. A colleague of mine teaches in a Reggio-inspired school and they are unable to plan ahead because they don't know in which direction the students will want to go. That said, you do need to profile your class carefully, and know exactly what needs students have and be plan to address them within the confines of the learning opportunities that arise.

    Has anyone else out there got some challenging 'big ideas' that they use to theme their way through the year?

  • traceycringle 12 Mar 2017 12:06pm () in Measuring growth and achievement...

    I love the sound of the changes you are making at your school Wendy. I wonder if the parents of lower-decile schools are easier to deal with in some ways? At my decile 10 school, every parent seems to fancy they could do my job better than me. Many of them attended the school themselves and the traditions are solidly ingrained. I would love to reduce the testing (Week 6 and all I seem to have done is test so that I have enough data for parents evening! I have never experienced such a boring start to the year. It's not hard to imagine how the students must feel).

    Where has all the fun gone? Parents need to trust us and let us introduce more Passion Projects/I-time/Inquiry to improve student engagement and prepare the kids for the 21st century!