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  • Christina Roberts 01 Sep 2016 7:37pm () in Blogger junior

    Evening Marnel,

    That is exactly what I am referring to when I speak about "communication back to ECE centres". For our class, we fully understand that learning begins from birth, and for our children who attended ECE centres, their ECE centre contributed, in one way or another, to the person that that child is today.

    Within our school, we already receive portfolios about our children and their learning in ECE centres. After discussions, our ECE and their friends at ECE, with parental consent, have said that they would love to see how they have transitioned to school and a little about their learning. We are working on developing a positive relationship with our fellow centres and this type of communication is one way of doing this.

    I look forward to delving further into this!


  • Christina Roberts 01 Sep 2016 5:08pm () in Blogger junior

    Hi there,

    I am aware of the date of this post, but am very interested.

    I have never used Blogger Junior before, but based on what I have read above, it looks like it will work well to communicate to our whanau and the prior ECE centres that our children were a part of.


    Have any of you used this for communication back to ECE centres?


    Nga mihi