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Deirdre Harris's discussion posts

  • Deirdre Harris 22 Sep 2016 9:13pm () in Research in new entrant classrooms

    Hi Keryn and others,

    I'm a NE teacher and have a single cell classroom with no additional teacher support. I currently have 15 NEs with another 5 starting in my class Term 4. We are a small country school with only the one NE classroom.

    I have been an EC teacher and understand the value of play based learning. I have read you research Keryn and agree with this philosophy. 

    However, I am trying to get my head around how do I  teach the core subjects, ensuring everything is being covered through the play base system? 

    How would a writing programme look to ensure all needs are meet? How does the phonics programme look? Or shared reading lesson for example? 

    Apologies if I am asking what has already been explained.