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  • Jill Hammonds 05 Aug 2013 12:14pm () in Literacy e-tools for CL 1&2?

    Hi Warren & Monika,

    Yes I love Storybird too.  I have found that if I get the kids to select their pictures first, and then do the writing, they are more inclined to create a storyline and work it through to conclusion.  I find that this needs to be modelled to them and then try creating a storybird all together before the kids create their own or in pairs.

    There are also lots of great storybirds to read for shared reading to again model how to create the narrative.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 24 Jul 2013 11:41am () in Connecting Readers: creating a reading social network

    Janet McFadden from National Library has asked me to post this message for her:

    Hi everyone

    As Term 3 is looming, I thought I'd let you know about a new online course we're offering from National Library's Services to Schools - aimed at all teachers who'd like to explore ways to support students' reading using social networks.

    Connecting readers: creating a reading social network has been designed for literacy leaders,  teachers, and school library staff.  Over the 6 weeks of the course you will build knowledge and understanding of a range of social media and the ways it can be used to promote reading.  The first intake starts 5 August - followed by 2 and 23 Sept start dates.  Choose the intake that works for you, and register online to secure your place!

    Just a reminder that we offer a 20% earlybird discount for registrations that come in no later than 4 weeks before start date.

    We're using the VLN Moodle platform to deliver this course, and you'd be given a login close to the start date.

    Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Best wishes


    E: janet.mcfadden@dia.govt.nz
    DDI: 04 474 3126
    W: http://schools.natlib.govt.nz

  • Jill Hammonds 08 Jul 2013 6:56am () in e-learning support for pre reading, letter, sound recognition, and formation.

    Hi again,

    Popplet would also be another programme that I would use for this - they can draw direct onto the popples using the pencil or take photos of things that begin with.  I use Popplet Lite on iPad or http://popplet.com online.  Witht he latter I also use the free version with 5 Popples and export them to jpeg and then delete to keep having more to use.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 08 Jul 2013 6:51am () in e-learning support for pre reading, letter, sound recognition, and formation.

    Hi Anne,

    I've always been a great believer of getting the kids creating rather than just playing related games and activities.  I used PowerPoint/Keynote with juniors and the Paint prgramme via "Insert object -> Bitmap image" to create templates that the kids then clicked on the coloured square and drew their own pictures, clicked on the letter shape in wordart to change to the correct letter and then wrote their own sentence using inventive spelling to complete the set.  Aa is for apple etc.  Because the kids were making their own pictures and all the transitions were already set, the kids would play the ppt over and over with groups of kids crowded around reading their presentation and hence they learnt them really fast.  You can find examples in my junior classes wiki at http://juniorclasses.wikispaces.com - probably something in the resources tab but also on some slides in the presentations tab.  I've got a plane to catch this morning but will hunt out the specific examples and post later today.

    Well maybe a lot later than today but here's the link to a downloadable eBook made by kids whose teacher I worked with years ago in Paeroa.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 21 May 2013 9:39am () in free ipad apps

    You may be thinking of http://www.smartappsforkids.com/ which has free apps on Fridays.  You have to be careful though as some apps are only free in USA.  I haven't found a lot there that I would bother with, but there are some.

  • Jill Hammonds 20 May 2013 4:29pm () in how to manage a 2 ipad/classroom?

    Hi there,

    iPads are great for your writing and reading programmes so can be part of a group rotation.  For example you might use them for 2-3 chn per iPad to watch an interesting Youtube movie as motivation for writing and harvesting of vocabulary, and to then use Google presentation to recreate a story. For example there is a great video of a bald eagle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hecXupPpE9o) catching a salmon that they could watch and focus on the wings, feet/claws and beak and how they use these to catch and devour their prey.  They could freeze frame some of the video to capture pictures and then make their presentation into a story.

    Pic Collage is a free app where they can combine pictures, drawings and text to create their own stories.

    Popplet Lite is a great mindmapping app they could use to plan their storywriting and its so simple they can teach themselves how to use it - just double tap the screen to get started.  You could also use this app to storyboard a drama and then capture the drama using Sock Puppets.

    Use the Voicethread app to tell their stories and then share on their blogs to get audience feedback.

     The possibilities are endless, but for me it always starts with knowing what learning intentions I have for the students, and then going and hunting for the tools that will achieve that.  Check out Lenva Shearing's wikis on Cool Tools for Schools http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com and the app section is a link from the navigation - near the bottom.

    Have fun!

  • Jill Hammonds 26 Feb 2013 6:44am () in Using blogs and wikis to connect Beyond the Classroom.

    6. Put criteria for responding to the blog into the actual blog or wiki with exmples of the types of comments that are useful.  In that way parents and whanau can get beyond just "awesome" and start providing feedback that will add to the student learning.  I find this particularly with student writing where kids often don't consider their audience and thereby often leave out some of the information that is vital to full understanding.  If parents come in and ask them questions such as "What did you mean by . . . ?" or "Who was the person that  . . . ?" the kids get to see where they left some of the info in their own heads rather than woven into the story.  I also talk to the kids about using detail and word choice to "paint pictures in the minds of their reader to engage them in the story."  So comments such as "quote text" reminded me of when I was little and we . . . " so that the kids can see when they succeed in engaging their reader.
    See the example on this blog in the "What great bloggers do" at top right.

    7. To involve other than parents and whanau, make blogging a reading and writing activity.  In reading time have your students read other class blogs and leave feedback comments and then a link back to their own class blog.  In this way they will start to generate traffic and comment back into their own blog.  You can start by reading other class blogs from your school and then widen out beyond.  Kids get a real buzz when they find they really are writers and publishers.

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