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  • Jill Hammonds 08 Jul 2014 1:56pm () in Favourite eBook Resources

    Thanks for that one Meg.  Funny that I had it on my list to add - even had the screenshot ready but must have got distracted by a cuppa Embarassed

    I will add it to the list this afternoon.

  • Jill Hammonds 08 Jul 2014 10:27am () in Favourite eBook Resources

    Read eBooks
    "Read eBooks"
    in the Reading section of this community has begun the process of sharing some good eBook resources.  However, those of you in the classroom often have a great collection of favourites that we would like to bring into a common space.  Please add in the comment box the links to your favourites or any information that you have about eBooks and their impact on student enjoyment and achievement in reading.  These will then be harvested and added to the above page along with graphics and any information you share, with attribution to the person sharing.

  • Jill Hammonds 09 Jun 2014 5:45pm () in Writing exemplars

    Hi Tash,

    I have rounded up exemplars of different styles of writing from various sources and included them on my pages in this community.  Follow this link and then access each of the different writing styles to find the exemplars near the bottom of the pages.  Level included.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 07 Jun 2014 5:25pm () in Writing tools for all genres of writing

    Thanks for this link Alana.  I have added it to my Persuasive Writing page in the resources.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 04 Jun 2014 5:05pm () in Writing tools for all genres of writing

    Hi Ian,

    If you check out the Understanding Different Styles of Writing section of this community (which is in the Writing section), you will see that I have included different software and apps to use with each of the different styles of writing, along with lots of information about the features of that style, or genre, and ways to plan for it, plus links to exemplars.  I hope you and your teachers will find this useful.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 13 Apr 2014 1:31pm () in writing

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-)

    I can hardly believe what I'm reading - Allanah saying no to eTools LOL - that must be a first :->>

    While I'd be the first to say that the strategy is more important than the tool, I do believe that NE/Yr 1s are very able to use both keyboards and mobile devices quite confidently once they are introduced to them and allowed to get in plenty of practice. Where we sometimes confuse our judgement is when we expect perfection on a keyboard more than with the pencil. Use the same process and expectation. Have the alphabet cards out, listen to the sounds and then they have a go at choosing a letter (or letters) that they think makes that sound.  They type it in. Move onto the next sound. 

    Once the child has completed the 'writing' phase, then it's time for reshaping and editing - going back and having another try where thar red line appears (some not all) either on their own, with a buddy or with the teacher. I often printed their work at this stage and used the same conferencing process as with pencil written text. 

    After the editing/ conferencing phase I wrote the correct model underneath their attempt and published both. With eTools that publishing can be online or in an eBook used for shared and personal reading. When sharing the writing at shared reading time, invite comment and feedback from others. 

    In addition to writing with the tools you can also use the sound tools to have students recording themselves reading their stories back, thus making their text meaningful without teacher translation. 

    Experimentation and a gradual movement towards accuracy is just as possible with the technology as without, and for most kids is more engaging and rewarding because it looks good on completion where their handwritten text may not, and it is shareable with peers, family and the world. 

    Use of the camera or paint programmes also adds to the richness of the finished product. 

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 13 Apr 2014 11:32am () in writing

    Hi there,

    As Roxy and A.Vermeulen have stated, the tools alone are unlikely to have any lasting motivation for struggling students, unless their ability to write is also scaffolded and supported.  One way that I have used is to use Phyllis Johnston's recipe for writing where providing some "ingredients" plus modelling their use helps the students to develop and organise their ideas, and even to "borrow" a little bit of writing from the model to get them started. You can check out more about this in the "Engaging students in writing" page in the writing tab - you will see Etherpad and the Recipe for writing near the bottom of that section. I wouldn't use Etherpad with NE/yr1 but the recipe aides will work - check out the junior recipe ideas then make up more of your own.

    This section also has some tool suggestions and add to these the following to make eBooks:

    • Photostory (PCs)
    • Book Creator (iPad)
    • Write about this (iPad)
    • Storyjumper (Macs)
    • Storybird
    • PowerPoint or Keynote

    If you go to http://juniorclasses.wikispaces.com/Resources and download the News Template you can use this for your students to write in daily and you can also model writing during news time.  On PCs you can double click the blue square for the kids to draw their own picture in Paint to go with the writing.  Once completed they simply close the Paint window and the blue square is updated with their picture. With Macs you need to replace the blue square with a photo or student illustration created in an art programme such as Tux Paint.

    Remember that whatever tools you choose scaffolding, modelling and celebrating through sharing with others is really important. Nothing succeeds like success especially when it is celebrated with others. Your students need genuine audience and constructive feedback to keep them inspired and willing to try again. 

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 27 Mar 2014 10:01am () in Electronic tools to motivate the reluctant writer

    I have a section on engaging students in writing in the writing section of this Blended e-Learning Literacy site. Check it out at /groupcms/view/787546/engaging-students-in-writing

    Cheers, Jill

  • Jill Hammonds 11 Mar 2014 5:22pm () in Raising achievement for below students in Reading and Writing.

    Hi Amy,

    I have worked with lots of schools re raising student achievement in reading and writing, and compiled ideas and resources around this at the Blended e-Learning Literacy VLN site.  You might like to check these out and get in touch with me if there is anything you want to discuss further.

  • Jill Hammonds 26 Jan 2014 5:48pm () in New initiative announced to help raise student achievement

    For those who have expressed concerns, its also important to remember that the Ministry plan to take a year getting the finer detail sorted.  They have created opportunities for people in key roles to support and contribute to the process - School Trustees Association, union representatives and principals federations etc.  It will be up to everyone to contribute positive ideas to our representatives as the proposal takes further shape as we all continue to work to increase student achievement and create a better future for our tamariki.

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