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Sharon's discussion posts

  • Sharon 10 Sep 2017 3:50pm () in Research in new entrant classrooms

    Totally agree! Our new entrant classes have brought more play in to start our days using our Key Competencies and Te Whariki as guiding lights. Our team leader created a wonderfully easy and practical plan for us all to use so that the children weren't just "playing" and using being creative but also had a focus for the day/week such as giving feedback, sharing with others, tidying up quickly etc. The focus was discussed at the beginning then revisited to get examples from the children often using photos we took during the sessions as prompts. We are all building up big books filled with photos, captions, child-speak and ideas which the children love to look at and talk about. Blogs for this sharing our morning sessions of "Mana Aoturoa" are starting up too. Lots of talking, vocab growth and writing ideas are also emerging from our play!

  • Sharon 08 Aug 2016 7:59pm () in What are the MOST effective changes and strategies that you have put in place in your setting to support transition processes?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what other people are doing around the country in their NE/Year one classroom. I'm also very keen to use play-based learning to help our new entrants settle into school. Most children become familiar and comfortable with class and school routines but the more I read the more I believe that bringing in more ECE would benefit our 5 year olds. Check out the play-based ideas in the New Entrant group!

  • Sharon 25 Jul 2016 10:05pm () in How's it all going with your preparation for ACET 2015?

    Hi, I'm still getting my head around ACET expectations & the cut-off for 2016 is fast approaching. I haven't kept or collected peer comments as I find that we as teachers automatically help a colleague or find stuff for parents as part of who& what we are. We are nurturing others and often neglect ourselves. I think a lot of being an exemplary teacher is just getting on with helping kids learn and reach their potential without waiting for the parade. Well... that helped!