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Charles Newton's discussion posts

  • Charles Newton 24 May 2016 3:52pm () in The strategic thinking roadmap - supporting development of your digital technologies action plan

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for your thoughts and observations.  You have clearly articulated the very reasons why the guide places so much emphasis on the need for a team approach. The best thinking, planning and decision-making occurs when schools canvass a variety of internal and external views and seek to leverage the range of expertise needed to help understand this increasingly complex environment. As you have noted, the larger the commitment to professional development the more informed the discussions that will underpin your deliberations.

    Having a guide to follow informs the strategic thinking process by ensuring that the scope and focus are appropriate.  This shouldn't be seen as constricting as the guide's resources and templates are for you to use as you wish.  Some schools will find comfort in having a step by step process to steer them while others will use this concept and its resources to fashion an approach tailored to their particular circumstances.  Either way, the CLA advisors can help and support you.