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  • whaeasarah 18 Jul 2016 3:11pm () in Using Seesaw as an eportfolio for student engagement, collaboration and reflection with year 3 students

    I use Seesaw for individual student portfolios that can be linked into the classroom blog. I found at the recent parent teacher meetings the children really enjoyed showing their parents their learning journals on the IPad. It was great to see their learning journey throughout the year. All the children choose showing their online portfolio over showing their parents their books.

    A lot of the parents had signed up for notifications for the App but it was awesome to see the children taking ownership for their learning. I recently saw on the news that a school in New Zealand has teamed up with Vodafone to provide online learning journals. From the story it seemed the response from parents was very positive.

    I'm wondering if online journals will replace our current traditional paper reporting systems.

  • whaeasarah 23 Jun 2016 8:43pm () in School Facebook Query

    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your response. To answer your initial question, I think the difference between the school website and Facebook is the purpose of each site. Facebook is predominately a social networking site. Where as a school website is purposefully for communicating with their community. Yes, you can make a closed group on Facebook and I agree it kinda defeats the purpose. I guess I've just been pondering how we use social media and what is appropriate material for which sites. I'm sure most of us have had the odd person on Facebook we've unfriended because we are sick of their posts that don't seem appropriate for a social networking site. 

  • whaeasarah 23 Jun 2016 3:05pm () in School Facebook Query

    I've been thinking a lot about the way we use Facebook lately. It is a social networking site that many people use for many different reasons. Most people agree that it is inappropriate for a teacher to post images of their students on their personal Facebook page. Then, that leads me to question is Facebook really the right place for schools to have their own pages with images of the students on there? I understand a lot of parents are on Facebook and it’s a good way to get the messages out to them. But if we are concerned with students’ privacy and professionalism then I'm just not sure if Facebook is right for schools. On several occasions I've had students say to me that they have found my Facebook profile through the school Facebook page. Which makes me a little uncomfortable as I like to keep my work and personal life separate. Yes it's great for community contact as most parents are on it but don't teachers deserve their privacy as well? Wouldn't a separate social networking site specifically for schools be more appropriate that parents can sign up for notifications?

  • whaeasarah 16 May 2016 9:25pm () in Using Seesaw as an eportfolio for student engagement, collaboration and reflection with year 3 students

    I am currently using the Seesaw App in the classroom. Students are uploading their learning via photos each week and writing comments about what they are learning. These are then saved to their online journal which is shared with their whanau. Children are also learning how to write feedback for others on their learning posts. I am wondering if people are using digital portfolios for the junior school and if they are finding it is increasing student engagement, collaboration and reflection? Also what the feedback has been from the community for example how the parents are using it or not?