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Stephen Eames's discussion posts

  • Stephen Eames 30 Mar 2016 1:00am () in FORUM: What does innovation look like in your school? | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Stephen Eames - Assistant Principal at Raroa Normal Intermediate


    Is innovation largely due to influence?

    Thank you for the posts so far - Thanks Nathaniel for pointing me in the direction of this discussion. - Sparked some pondering.

    - Is ‘Influence’ the driver of innovation in schools.

    Who is influencing you to be innovative?



    If we are to be truly innovative, we need to be in an environment where innovation is encouraged / fostered. The people we work with should be the people we are getting the most inspiration and motivation from, (including student). So that we can: innovate, try new things, experiment and look for opportunities to enhance learning potential.


    Teaching and Learning Partnerships

    I am extremely lucky to be working with and within a number of Teaching Learning Partnerships this year. These have been extremely influential and have definitely encouraged me to push the boundaries, try new things and ‘innovate’ - Sharing, discussing and even the occasional argument (creative abrasion). We are continually looking for opportunities to ‘amplify learning’



    We are also continually influenced by others, through readings, networking, involvement in online discussions, inquiry, edchats ect. As we look for ideas

    Thanks for the opportunity to reflect.