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  • Sharon Taylor 16 Sep 2016 10:33am () in Grammar Apps

    For older primary - if you are prepared to pay GrammarFlip is an online site with iPad app. It was free for a while and I used it. It is currently (ups t end of Sept) on offer at $29 (US) for a  year that includes up to 150 students.

    • Improved Progress Reporting
    • Ability to Manage Student Accounts
    • Additional Lesson Content
    • Note-Taking Features
    • Writing Activities Integrated with Formative
    • Review Games Integrated with Kahoot

    I am still considering if I have sufficient  time to justify buying.

    I did like the flipped aspect very much.

  • Sharon Taylor 23 Mar 2016 7:31pm () in Google sign in not being remembered



    Many thanks for the suggestions. However, these work arounds will not solve my particular problem, which is Hapara Workspace is not supported in Chrome on iPad. We are a BYOD room. Most can access Workspace easily through Safari. I just have 3 devices that will not remember the login. The GaFE login is a bit lengthy (I didn't choose it) and inevitably typos creep in, which slows things down. I was hoping someone might have a fix for this as I have tried everything, short of resetting these devices. It might come to that yet!

  • Sharon Taylor 22 Mar 2016 8:35pm () in Google sign in not being remembered

    Hi Sarah,

    Sadly Chrome isn't an option as we are using Hapara Workspace and while that did originally work in Chrome, last term it would no longer do so and we were told to go over to Safari.

    I feel there must be a setting I have missed, but have search high and low.

  • Sharon Taylor 22 Mar 2016 7:59pm () in Google sign in not being remembered

    I have 21 iPads in my classroom. All but 3 remember their Google account sign in details in Safari. I have waded through he settings, checked the password is enabled and details are correct, tried deleting cookies etc, made sure the settings are identical, but can't fathom why these 3 devices will not remember their accounts.

    Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly has anyone solved it?