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  • Julius Solia 29 Jul 2016 12:15pm () in Teacher workloads in I.L.E [ MLE]]

    Hello Karla

    I found your response really helpful and insightful. I am also investigating MLE/ILE to incorporate in my class. The responses have been varied. I can see the benefits of MLE/ILE but struggle to get my head around it. Colleagues at schools I've visited have also been helpful.

    The workload isn't so much the issue for me as opposed to just starting. I'm kind of like one of those teachers who want to get it right when I start. I found your comments encouraging about starting and experimenting to stage you are at now.  

    I'd be interested in knowing the parental response when you started and how you coped with any criticism. 

    This is the first time I've replied on the VLN but really found your comment valuable.