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  • Jacqui Pennington 08 Nov 2016 9:08pm () in Learning through Play to Year 3

    Kia ora,
    We are extending the Learning through Play programme from our NE class to the rest of our Junior Team up to Year 3. Are there any other schools that have Y2 or Y3 classrooms running this programme. Are there any in the Wellington area that would be prepared to let our teachers visit?
    Jacqui Pennington

  • Jacqui Pennington 08 Nov 2016 9:02pm () in Learning through play

    Evening Kim,

    I have been developing a Learning Through Play model in my NE classroom since Term 2 this year and I'm absolutely passionate about it. Next year we aim to develop the model for the first block right the way through our Junior Team to Year 3.

    If you look at CORE senior researcher Kerryn Davies, there is very easy to read inspiring data.

    Longworth Education run workshops throughout the country on Learning through Play.

    There are several schools with programmes at different levels of establishing programmes especially in Christchurch and Wellington.

    I am in Petone and happy to have people come in observe and discuss what we are doing. I feel I have just started the journey.

    Jacqui Pennington

  • Jacqui Pennington 15 Jun 2016 8:21am () in RISE UP Time at Sacred Heart Petone

    Just wanted to share what's up as I'm so excited about it. The RISE up time in my class has given me back passion for my job. The children absolutely love it and the benefits after only 2 weeks are incredible and I keep realising more each day, eg friendships, problem solving, confidence, starting school with less bumps, enthusiasm, increased fitness & physical skills, creativity, leadership. 

    I have everything set up (takes about 15 mins as the most successful resources are open & allow the children to take charge ie dress ups, balls, water trough), so at 8.30am as they arrive they are straight into it. At the moment we are packing up at 9.45 for 30 mins mat time.

    I worked with an ECE teacher who created a wonderful display on Te Whaariki & Value of Play, I also emailed staff & parents an information letter.

    I was concerned about fitting Numeracy in but as of yesterday I discovered through our school PD Numicon are releasing next week their 3 year- 5 year Firm Foundations numeracy programme that is based on the learning through play.

    I feel guilt that I didn't have this going last year. It would be fantastic if every NE class took on this concept.

    Big thanks to all those who started the ball rolling


  • Jacqui Pennington 26 May 2016 8:31pm () in Research in new entrant classrooms

    I've just been to observe Silverstream who start their day with play. Fantastic 2 teachers working collaboratively together. They answered many of the questions asked. I was inspired & excited after visit.

    I am about to start in my single cell classroom which will be harder. To start my timetable will look like this

    8.30 to 9.45 - Play & 1 maths group withdrawn

    9.45- 10.30 Mat time, class maths & 2nd group

    10.50- 12.50 Same as before literacy

    My literacy programme will remain same, roll call will change & fitness will be part of play. I will swap phonics from before break to in between reading & writing slots.

    Will let you know how its going.


  • Jacqui Pennington 23 May 2016 12:50pm () in Learning Through Play


    Here is a link to an article that prompted Silverstream School to start a play based approach to starting there day. I am going to start Term 3 here in the New Entrant class at Sacred Heart Primary.

    I would really like to hear from any other teachers who have this approach running in their schools. What issues do you face? How do you fit in curriculum requirements?

    Also I am considering changing what I do as SEA. I currently do JAM as well. This no longer fits with our whole school numicon programme. What do other New Entrant teachers do on entry?

    I have concerns that I am reporting to families on progress towards the National Standards after children have only been at school for 20 or less weeks at school. How do other schools report to whanau in the first year of school?

    Thank you

    Jacqui Pennington

  • Jacqui Pennington 16 May 2016 4:05pm () in Play based learning

    HI, I am part of a research group that is looking at transition practices and we are interested in learning through play at the New Entrant level. Silverstream Primary school has been trialing this since beginning of the year. We are going to observe this next term. I'd suggest contacting Hilary Burrows at Silverstream Primary School