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  • Sue Ford 06 Nov 2016 9:48pm () in Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

    As a result of engaging in NAPP/EEL conversations online, I can now apply leadership thinking and strategies that support moral purpose while building collaboration, developing capacity and opening new pathways.  I have developed confidence and skills to challenge the status quo in an inclusive, supportive way.


    I have been able to consider ideas and new ways of thinking through sifting through posts, researching, questioning and critically reflecting while reading.    This forum has provided me with the opportunity to extend my own beliefs and understandings, consider new ways of doing things, question why we do what we do and  develop strategies to introduce new ideas (backed by evidence).  Through these forums I have explored ILE in detail, and have the confidence to use this knowledge in practice.  

    I have a deeper understanding of leadership dispositions and the theories that support these. 

    These dispositions have been used during the inquiry process, to build a strong collaborative learning community, where mentoring, coaching and tuakana teina are the norm. Due to the NAPP inquiry, I have been invited to introduce the TAI inquiry to another school in our area - partially as PD, but also as support kaiako.  

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the supportive learning environment NAPP has created.  The resources, hui, PD, coaching support, and networks have built capacity amongst all of us.  It has been a marvelous journey, and has prepared us for the next pathway.



  • Sue Ford 29 May 2016 10:17pm () in Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?

    Thanks for sharing this insightful page.  There is so much useful information which can be used to inform teaching practice.  I am relieved to note the idea that a MLE is more than a change of space, more importantly a change in pedagogy.  This is a relief to me as I am teaching in a school with limited prospects of change to the internal environment due to the buildings age, location and earthquake strengthening procedures.  I have a feeling our building may be protected by the heritage trust – but not sure.

    So… where does this lead our school?  We have a team working on growth mind sets, another developing future focus, student agency and a new environmental team.  We are all exploring learning maps, and setting our first round of student led interviews.  Small steps, but heading in a positive direction.

    There are many points raised with regards to teacher as a facilitator, students articulating learning, reading groups being interest based, students enabling and self managing their own timetable, self directed learning, using multiple means of engagement etc.  A lot of this I already do – so my shift in pedagogy may not be as massive as I was expecting.  It is reassuring to know. SO… my next challenge is to ignite the rest of the team and figure a way of creating a MLE or ILE with walls still standing!!