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  • HowardYoung 31 Oct 2016 8:21pm () in Half ILE and half single cell

    Hi Rachel

    We are in a similar position. We have 10 single cell classes and 1 ILE of 50+ students. Next year we will have 9 single cells and 1 ILE, but it will have grown to 110+ students. Like you our budget won't stretch, in fact there is no budget at all for remodeling. The 4 rooms which make up the ILE are inter connected, but otherwise are the same. 

    As an intermediate all our students are the same age, so that is an advantage, the other is we are organised into syndicates, and our ILE will be one syndicate. That means that there is a level of autonomy which will allow all syndicates to work independently from one another. 

    I'm sure that team teaching and collaborative practice is possible outside of an ILE, I'm also sure that an ILE speeds the understanding up, but most of all I feel that an ILE has to be highly structured for this to be possible, as even some teachers working in ILE's struggle to understand these concepts.