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Celia Fleck's discussion posts

  • Celia Fleck 29 Jun 2016 9:27am () in 3 things students should have before they leave high school

    I believe that it is more and more important to be building and maintaining a 'professional digital footprint'.  It provides visible evidence to colleagues and future employers that you are connected, confident, actively involved, and a lifelong learner.  

    I am developing my professional image online through Twitter, my blog on Wordpress, VLN, POND, LinkedIn; I use these platforms to share ideas and collaborate with others.

    I personally believe that professional and personal should be kept separate online - I am not a Facebook user, so have a very minimal personal online presence.

    The last question is an interesting one - we seem to spend so much time warning young people about the pitfalls of being online, that perhaps we don't (or I certainly don't ) talk to them enough about the benefits of developing a professional online profile.  What might this look like for our Secondary Students?

    Be very interested to hear what others think about this.

    Ngā mihi.

  • Celia Fleck 19 Feb 2016 9:52am () in FORUM: One word to define your school | An Enabling e-Learning event (11 Feb - 3 Mar 2016)

    Brilliantly put Heemi, I could not agree more.  Kia kaha to the many people that are showing great courage and doing exactly those things you say, to enact change in our schools.

  • Celia Fleck 12 Feb 2016 9:20am () in FORUM: One word to define your school | An Enabling e-Learning event (11 Feb - 3 Mar 2016)


    People are authentic - people mean what they say, and say what they mean; people walk the talk; people inspire through their actions and not just their words.

    Relationships are authentic - people are valued; culture, language and identity are valued; whakawhanaungatanga.

    Learning is authentic - learning has a purpose, it is real, meaningful and relevant; cross-curricular links; personalised learning - for students and staff.

    Partnerships are key - school, whānau, community. Learning in the community, learning with the community, learning for the community.  Take time to build relationships/partnerships and build trust will lead to greater collaboration, and more authentic opportunities for all.