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Rachel Peak's discussion posts

  • Rachel Peak 01 Oct 2016 8:14pm () in Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

    Hi Kane

    When I read your post it struck me that you have articulated something that I too have been thinking about.  Moving from someone who has thought of themselves as a middle leader and only looking through that lens.  Your point about looking through the lens of a 'future leader' and considering wider aspects of education is something that strikes a cord with me.  Through NAPP, it  has been eye-opening reading the online forums and many of the readings, as well as beginning to understand the multi-faceted role of the Principal.  The online and face to face coaching from my Kairaihi and Peer-coach have allowed me to further develop my thoughts, uncover my assumptions and have acknowledged that I have a lot to learn as a leader but I am on track. NAPP/ EEL has developed my own capacity as a leader,  and in turn supported others within my school. I have used the online forum idea in my leadership inquiry as well as the digital Korowai which have worked well and been more personalised for my group of leaders I am working with. Using the coaching model for reflective posts and face to face conversations has made me more aware of my own leadership and developed me personally and professionally.

    I have become more willing to take risks, challenge points of view and become more confident and knowledgeable about the future direction of NZ education as well as my own future career in education.

  • Rachel Peak 08 Sep 2016 12:38pm () in Curriculum for the future

    CCF is a fantastic game that I have tried twice now since the NAPP April Hui. where Rachel Bostad showed us how it worked. I have briefly watched the webinar too. Firstly I facilitated the workshop /roleplay and game with my English students from AUT as a way of getting them to work collaboratively with a focus on oral language and drama.  We had great fun unpacking the ideas and they took it away to consider as a useful strategy to use on their practicums.  I did have an ulterior motive too, as I wanted to see how it worked and get some feedback, so that when I played it with a group of 20 teachers in my school, I would have had a run through.  It worked really well and engaged the group of teachers for the almost 2 hours in our cross-curricular PLGs.  A great way to stimulate discussion, differing viewpoints, it is interactive and a bit different.  It certainly provoked thought around how we design curriculum.  Thanks!