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  • crus021 01 Feb 2016 10:05pm () in Using technology to support effective feedback - what works?

    Recently in my reading programme, I have begun working with one of my reading groups where they all work to a shared Google Doc between rotations. All members are assigned roles as per a regular literacy circle, but when it comes to the rotation with me, it is totally student-led. The students share their work, ask each other questions, and one of them keeps the group on track and provokes conversation. Meanwhile, I listen and type feedback immediately and directly into a shared Google Sheet - some feedback and feed forward, Following the rotation, I make a couple of brief statements based on how the session went overall, and direct the students to the feedback I wrote for them. They then write a reflection straight away based on this and how they felt they went. It has been working superbly, the students are very comfortable with this routine now! And such a great way for instant and relevant feedback.

  • crus021 01 Feb 2016 9:55pm () in Chrome Apps for Literacy

    I would very much like to explore the ideas out there of successful use of different Chrome Apps for improving literacy.

    We have 1:1 ChromeBooks recently implemented at our school, and I am looking to see if anyone could suggest a Chrome App or two they have used that has aided their reading programme, engaging students and contributed to improving achievement. 

    A context about how the App was used would be great to know!

    Many thanks!!

  • crus021 01 Feb 2016 9:42pm () in LIVE Webinar: e-Learning tools in Literacy - writing using digital tools

    This has been incredibly interesting and useful to read through, thank you. I am continually on the search for ways to engage my students in writing using digital tools. One of my latest successes in class, albeit simple in nature, was to implement a routine involving students working on all aspects of their writing on Google Docs, including warm-ups, drafts, final copies etc, and having whanau comment and/or make suggestions at least once a week on any of those pieces of writing. It really connected their parents and beyond to what they were doing in school, and it saw pretty much ll of my students become more motivated to produce better quality work - more effort and passion shone through!