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Kane Boulton's discussion posts

  • Kane Boulton 27 Sep 2016 11:54am () in Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

    Challenge the way I have previously viewed aspects of the education system and education leadership. The PLD has given me the confidence and knowledge to be able to have in depth conversation regards education in the 21st Century. The conversations have made me more aware of the trends and future concerns regards education, why there is need for change. They have made me more aware that is ok to challenge the status quo, if we are to address some of the under lying issues in education.

    Throughout this calendar year by engaging in the online discussions I have had a paradigm shift. I have been able to view education less through the lenses of a middle manager, rather through the lenses of a future leader in education. The conversations have helped me look at education through a wider lenses. E.g. not just thinking about the students within our department, rather looking at the wider picture of education, being about all Akonga. The PLD has made me further aware that, if are to maintain/develop a safe, equitable and prosperous Aotearoa for our children, that we will need to continually make adjustments to our system. To ensure we meet the needs of our students today, preparing them for success in the 21st Century. The PLD has made me further aware of the complexities involved in of education.

    The NAPP conversations online have helped me further develop my leadership capacity. Therefore, to the benefit of my own school. In summary any opportunity to be able to engage in meaningful relevant conversations, albeit being online, is fantastic PLD!  

  • Kane Boulton 22 Aug 2016 3:54pm () in BYOD Model

    It will be interesting to access data from other countries regards BYOD, to see what is the trend? I like how your school Lorraine is 'introducing BYOD gradually'. There are key areas that need addressed.. student responsibility using devices and evidence of negative effects due to students being continually being 'connected' online with their own devices in class.

    I teach in a large Secondary school, where some students use their own devices. As a whole I finding it very beneficial, with the use of devices for completing internal assessments in class. However, I am interested with the effect on our students education with them being 'continually connected' on their own devices. Having their own device and access to student wifi enable students to be continually 'connected'. I do beleive the benefits outweighing the negatives, yet I believe a school needs to do their homework first.

    I was lucky to visit some Australian schools earlier in the year and a couple schools informed me they were heading away from BYOD.

    Yet, we know it is challenging for large secondary schools in NZ to be able to supply school devices for every student. School devices that would be able to  minimise the distraction and 'connectedness' of our students.