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Hannah Simpson's discussion posts

  • Hannah Simpson 25 Aug 2016 3:37pm () in FORUM: New technologies and collaborative processes | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Hi Leah- this looks really interesting, I will take a look-thank you!

  • Hannah Simpson 26 Jun 2016 7:50pm () in FORUM: New technologies and collaborative processes | An Enabling e-Learning event

    Hi Carol- thank you for your post, you make lots of very interesting points and raise some really good questions. I am responsible for a Y1 class but also teach collaboratively Y2-3s. I have been thinking about the point you made about collaboration and the younger student. We encourage lots of collaboration and team-work in terms of working together on tasks and projects and peer assessment in writing for example- building collaborative skills face to face- but not with digital technology- I am not sure google docs would be a suitable vehicle but I would also be really interested in hearing from some junior teachers who do use digital technology for collaboration, and how that is working.


  • Hannah Simpson 14 Jun 2016 4:16pm () in Forum: How do schools ready themselves for modern learning pedagogies?

    Hello, my name is Hannah Simpson and I am the AP at Kaikoura Primary School. I have really enjoyed reading about the different challenges in the comments above. We moved into our new spaces at the beginning of the year. Our preparation consisted of looking at the furniture at other schools and choosing our own- so, no preparation really in hindsight!! When we moved into our spaces it was more of a physical move for most teachers- in a sense fitting what they had always done into the new, larger spaces with nicer furniture! I took on the task of looking at how we use our new spaces and of looking at our pedagogy in terms of modern learning as part of my NAAP leadership inquiry and quickly came to understand that we had not prepared ourselves at all well! Having said that, we have managed to back-track and fill the gaps in our knowledge and in a sense re-launch our new spaces. Our junior rooms now collaborate for most of the day for reading, writing, phonics and maths and we are really enjoying finding out what works and what certainly does not! There is no magic formula and each school/space is completely different so we keep our minds open and the children's learning at the centre. The result has been far more personalised learning for our students and we have seen already a real improvement in their outcomes. The senior room makes use of modern learning pedagogy but the challenge  is how we extend collaboration to this class as it is alone at the moment. In summing up I think preparation needs to go far beyond choosing furniture, but you can and need to adopt an inquiry frame of mind and be open to learning along the way.