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Sue Rogers's discussion posts

  • Sue Rogers 18 Sep 2016 5:38pm () in Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

    As a result of engaging in NAPP conversations online, I can now apply leadership thinking and strategies that:

    New ways of thinking 

    • Stop and think - look towards the big picture. Then process ....what will I have to do to put the 'cart before the horse'? Who is ready to climb aboard, who will need (what) support, who will stall and why?
    • People! - Relationships are vital! Take time, find out professional profile/pedagogy, find out personal, be present. Look for and identify the Fixed Mindset persona's - what do people do and say when challenged and uncomfortable? Value opinions, give opportunity to discuss.
    • Proactive - avoid reactive - listen, acknowledge, let them know they have been heard, Say thank you and take time to process, get back to them.

    New ways of working

    • Think time.
    • Process
    • Talk to colleagues - network more 
    • Digitally - google docs
    • Coach a challenge.
    • Don't take banana's from a monkey - professional ownership.
    • Question more.

    New leadership dispositions

    • Calmer
    • Listen more
    • Think before speaking
    • Socially available 
    • Strategic about gaining colleagues interest - model curiosity.
    • Pastoral care of all.
    • Paper work and phone calls are because of the students in your school not inspite of them - if its important they will call again.
    • Be present in all conversations and events.
    • Be part of your community

    Opportunities to have some influence your own school and the schools around you

    Wakatipu Basin COL - writing workshops with Year 7&8 along with WHS English Department staff
    Coaching beyond yourself

    Coaching is a working progress - I need to make more opportunity
    Influence of/from others as you have engaged online

    I am twittering, Google classrooms, developing blog/website, collaborating on line, gaining resources through on line conversations - even dabbling with coding! Greater confidence to get involved in the global educational conversation.

    Learning about and establishing e-learning priorities

    Loving Google Classroom and developing digital communication within the class, school and community. Email and blogs for all students. Social media use and digital footprints are such a big consideration for all students. Being connected globally for literacy skills, collaboration and problem solving.

  • Sue Rogers 15 Jul 2016 11:46am () in Why are innovator’s mind-sets and in-depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing ILEs? | NAPP Kōrero 6 2016

    I totally agree with these 7 learning principles with the addition of ICT.

    An ILE, MLE/ MLI can so easily be about the space. Focusing on pedagogical conversations to build trust within a team takes time, so that teachers are truly able to collaborate openly. Fluid, transparent, open and non protective conversations are vital. Students at the centre of decisions rather than 'they are my students'. Teachers must be able to confidently model collaboration and then scaffolding students through collaborative practice for learning. ICT must fit so that it is collaborative, fit for purpose, audience relevant, easily accessible for all, creates learning opportunities that are engaging and supports digital citizenship.

    Innovative Learning Principles


    • Make learning and engagement central
    • Ensure that learning is social and often collaborative
    • Be highly attuned to learner motivations and emotions
    • Be acutely sensitive to individual differences
    • Be demanding for each learner but without excessive overload
    • Use assessment consistently with learning aims, with a strong emphasis on formative feedback
    • Promote horizontal connectedness across the activities and subjects, in and out of school


    • ICT is collaborative, fit for purpose, audience relevant, easily accessible for all, creates learning opportunities that are engaging and supports digital citizenship.