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  • terrywithers 31 Jul 2016 1:23pm () in Student workshops in an ILE, MLE etc

    HI Adele, have you been on the Daily 5 website?  Although we are not quite at the same stage as you with working alongside 3 classes, in our classroom we don't have reading groups - just goals, which we then have workshops on.  In previous year I have taken groups, according to abilities, which have been okay but hard work and really still doesn't challenge the higher end of the group etc.  With the Daily 5 programme I don't do this anymore - it has taught me to teach according to needs (goals/reading strategies), and that you could have a group on the mat that have a reading range from 8 - 14 years, yet you can still challenge them all because they bring to the mat their own reading material.  When calling a workshop, I identify the kids that need it (at different levels of reading) - I have done this through my conferencing time with students, then i ask if anyone else wants to opt in.  

    Hope this was useful



  • terrywithers 11 Jan 2016 7:59pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Kia ora Charlotte, love to share - I am off on a camping holiday tomorrow so will response when I get back.  Just quickly thought - Hapara is great, I couldn't function without it (I think).  I found its main strength is the ability to give instant feedback and feed forward, either by me or the students themselves.  They can do this either by voice or written message.  Google classroom is good - but we don't have anyone on staff that can set it up and maintain it - if you had a full time IT person it would be great.  With Hapara you pay a small fee per child but they set it up and monitor etc.  We have used Kiwischools to start with, gave me the confidence to use it etc (they set it up and monitor with tutorials etc).  I will respond again soon.



  • terrywithers 02 Jan 2016 9:45pm () in Using Chromebooks to record student Voice

    Kia ora Charlotte, enjoying reading the replies.  We have been a BYOD for year 6 for a year now (rolling into our 2nd) and now our year 5s are trialling it.  As the e-learning coordinator we have suggested either chrome books or PCs as I truly believe that it is not the device that matters but how we as facilitators use it.  We also use Hapara Teacher Dashboard, which is great, it enables us to collaborate any time. 

    The great thing about the whole ‘device’ or ‘chrome book’ thing is student agency.  There is so much more choice (authentic choice) that you can use when doing your literacy plans and other curriculum areas.  Students work collaboratively and take a lot more responsibility for their learning.  They can gather their own research material to assist any learning that is happening.  We use the feedback tool a lot – this really empowers the students, because not only do I comment on their learning but their peers do to. 

    The other thing we do is 80/20 time or Passion Projects (if you google it there is a lot of different names for this).  This allows the students to control what they want to learn about and how they want to present work.  It really motivates the students to complete other learning tasks assigned to them (not that they really need much more encouragement).  We have found that this really helps the students become increasingly capable of self-regulating and collaborative.  Basically we have found that this was a great way to embrace 21st century skills.  If you are interested I am happy to share with you more details about how we do this in class – not sure if I am going in the right direction in helping here.  

  • terrywithers 22 Nov 2015 9:19am () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    I believe it is innovative learning practices. As you know MLE is now ILE, but I wanted to look at the whole picture (not just the environment) - got this from the ILE website.  Could be wrong though - they keep changing and reinventing the words...

  • terrywithers 19 Nov 2015 5:16pm () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    Hi Christine, is this your weekly timetable too - for your planner?  Sorry, if you run workshops - do you still have to do a reading/writing/maths timetable - or is this all included on the workshop information?

    THanks again


  • terrywithers 19 Nov 2015 5:13pm () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    Hi Jacinda - do you do workshops?  Are you working towards a more ILP or?  Be great to get more ideas.


  • terrywithers 19 Nov 2015 5:11pm () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    Yes please, that would be great.  We are currently using google docs (went BYOD this year), on the teacher dashboard.  Been wanting to take it a step further and set up a google site and introduce workshops.  Be interesting to see how you get the students to create potential workshops.  I will email you tonight.  Thanks for the support

  • terrywithers 18 Nov 2015 7:19pm () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    THanks for that Christine, I will digest this tonight.  Do you run workshops each at the same time or just one?  I get the first bit, that makes sense.  Appreciated.



  • terrywithers 18 Nov 2015 6:46pm () in Workshops and ILP (Innovative Learning Practice) or MLP (Modern Learning Practice

    kia ora I am currently leading a group of teachers in changing the way that we teach and moving towards a ILP - I have heard a lot about workshops, and was wondering if anyone could give me more detail about how they are run.

    There is a big focus on ILE but no so much on the practice behind it.  It would be great if teachers who have already changed their practice to support ILE, could share their ideas, successes and mistakes.  Does anyone know of a blog page where someone has already set this up?