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  • terrywithers 07 Aug 2020 5:02pm () in Forging connections within and across the ILE's

    Awesome how you have already done this, and this is usually the case where we tend to consult with them and then identify what 'we' think is important - we need to then follow that up with another hui and share the 'general' thoughts that have come about from the consultation and to see from that what they think is important etc and keep this cycle going (a lot of work to begin with but I can imagine how valuable this would be if we took it to the next level).  Good luck - would love to know how it goes if you do.

  • terrywithers 07 Aug 2020 4:36pm () in Forging connections within and across the ILE's

    Just a short question: have you asked the whānau?

  • terrywithers 13 Sep 2017 9:19am () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Kia ora Michelle, we have created a rubric from the National Standards for different year levels.  Happy to share if you have an email.  The junior's rubric is more closely related to Murray Gadd's one.  We found using the e-asTTle marking guide quite lengthy and not user friendly time wise.  Our current rubric seems to be working well.



  • terrywithers 04 Sep 2017 7:00pm () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Hi Rosemary - not sure how it skewed the results -  as long as we made sure that the students cover a range of genre over the year (allowing us to assess them on this) the results are good to go.  It was clear to us that their strengths were in writing fiction, so we balanced that out in our teaching time.   The results did vary at times due to the different topics students were writing about but when we looked at the overall results over the year it was great.  The reason we do it like this is so that the writing is authentic and purposeful (we have just been through some PD with the marvellous Murray Gadd).  

    Hope that helps.  

  • terrywithers 01 Sep 2017 6:55am () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Hi Michelle, each term we create our own according to our concept.  We also give students the freedom to choose what they want to write.  If you email me I am happy to share (I will check with our literacy leader to see if that's okay - sure it is). 



  • terrywithers 11 May 2017 1:23pm () in touch screen chromebooks???

    KIa ora Karen, we purchased 9 nearly 3 years ago, touch screen chrome books and they are still going strong.  We purchased them to fill the needs of students who did not have their own device in Yr 6 (across 3 classes) for our BYOD... I think the question is what do you want to use them for...

    The students love the touch screen ones, but we have now purchased 18 more chrome book but not touch screens for our yr4 and 5 - why - COST - it was more economical to buy!  

    Our BYOD policy allows students to bring any device to school that has a screen size of 10 and over, we adapt, and at this level we have found that Chrome books are fine (we would love to go IPAD - but way to expensive).  They can make short videos, code, research, write, present etc.

    Hope this helps.

    Ka kite ano


  • terrywithers 07 Mar 2017 6:37am () in Measuring growth and achievement...

    Karla - you say you teach in a different way - do you mean more inquiry based or... be great to know what that means.  Teaching through the key competencies is great and this is how I set my class up at the beginning of the year, also having 'Passion Project' time (also known as a range of other names such as 80/20) but it is hard work with parents struggling seeing this as a 'good' thing to start with, usually by the end of term 2 they do 'come round' to this sort of learning.  (Particularly when the students are increasingly engage with their own authentic learning).  When it is parent conference time I still find however that the parents usually focus on the 'national standards' rather then the progress the students have made laterally.  Hopefully the next generation of kids will think differently when they are parents...

  • terrywithers 06 Mar 2017 12:51pm () in Measuring growth and achievement...

    Is there a brave enough principal to get on board with this?

  • terrywithers 05 Mar 2017 5:09pm () in Measuring growth and achievement...

    Kia ora I think you are so right...it is not just the Ministry however that needs to be encourage to make the changes it is also the parents...interestingly they are happy to see the growth in this area but still mainly focus on the standards - and this drives them.  I often spend a lot of time convincing parents (and others...) that the 'key competencies' are just as (if not more) important - and they actually widen their (the students) knowledge, which is what we should be focussing on NOT trying to get them ABOVE standards etc.   However, I (we) are still judged by progress in standards, be great to see a change.

    Thanks for sharing your thought - it is always nice to see others thinking (and struggling with our ancient education system) and sharing with others

  • terrywithers 15 Sep 2016 8:14am () in Implementing Learner Agency

    kia ora Vish, this sounds great - I would be grateful if you could share this with me too It is always helpful trying something new.  I always seem to have a handful who just cannot seem to stay in the zone of learning and would love to see how you retrack them.  Cheers Terry (terryw@titirangi.school.nz)