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Annette van Brakel's discussion posts

  • Annette van Brakel 18 May 2016 5:51pm () in Research in new entrant classrooms

    Hi, I have read your research several times over the past year and have reflected on how it would work in one of my new entrant rooms. I have a couple of questions. What was the classroom programme like after 10.15 am? How long did the children stay in the reception room? Was the reception room programme different to the Y1 classes? I think the block building projects (labelled and left alone for working on the next day) sound interesting, but how did this fit in with traditional rules in schools for having floors cleared of small items at the end of the day for the cleaners to vacuum and mop? Sounds nit-picky I know, but I am serious about the practicalities of this project.

  • Annette van Brakel 24 Nov 2015 5:31pm () in New Entrant report in rubric format, for first six months at school, anyone got one already?

    Hi, Having just completed my latest set of New Entrant reports, I was wondering if the progression of early skills needed in the first six months of school could be displayed more easily for parents in a rubric format. For instance, in fine motor skills, "I can use a pincer grip at the playdough table. > I can use a pincer grip to thread a shape pattern. > I can hold a pencil between thumb and pointer. > I can trace my pencil over straight and curved lines. > I can write my own name.> I can cut straight shapes with scissors. > I can cut curved shapes with scissors. > I can form lower case letters correctly. > I can form lower and upper case letters correctly. > I can sit my letters on the line. > I can form my letters in a consistent size." I'm looking for something with lots of detail in reading, writing, maths, social and self-help skills. Anything already out there? Thanks in advance