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Linda's discussion posts

  • Linda 20 Sep 2016 2:37pm () in Feasible to introduce SCRATCH in 1 hour?

    My initial thought is that covering Scratch in only an hour is ambitious - particularly if participants have not had any coding experience.  An introduction may be a showing them what scratch is capable of producing.  It is possible to get an idea of what Scratch is all about but an hour is not enough time if you want people to have a go at creating using Scratch.  I suggest you don't get users to log in and make an account as this will take longer.  Just get them tinkering with scratch and even copying code and manipulating some variables.  Good luck


  • Linda 11 Nov 2015 2:22pm () in Enabling e-Learning FORUM: Mobile digital devices: What's working, what's not?

    Hi Monika and Nathaniel

    Our school too has been grappling with what devices our students have access to and how they are using these digital tools.  We are about to launch into a new round of discussion of what might be the most appropriate device for the future of our Middle School students.  Much of our decision making is drawn back to the WHY!  and this is why I really like the work of Simon Sinek.  As teachers, we need to be allowing the strong teaching pedagogy to drive our programmes of learning.  The tablet versus laptop debate is one robust discussion that is currently in progress at our school. Currently our year 7 & 8s have tablets and from year 9 our students use laptops. I am increasingly seeing more demand for the use of a keyboard as opposed a touch screen so next year, year 7&8 students have been advised to have a bluetooth keyboard for their tablets.  My question is do we go down the route of Chromebooks or Laptops? and abandon the tablets altogether?  I know apps on tablets have been a feature of some teaching programmes however we have also run into difficulty with web-based activities that require flash so tablets have been unhelpful.