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  • Craig Reddington 22 Oct 2015 2:12pm () in What are kinds of projects are schools from Phase One of TLIF working on?

    Hi everyone, our project is a collaboration between Kaikorai Valley College and Queen's High School.  Our project extends our learning from the Sport in Education project. In that project we found that being active in the classroom (i.e. not just sitting still through the whole lesson) helps engage students, which in turn helps lift achievement results. In SiE we have tried this in PE, maths and English, using a range of different types of learning activities. Now we want to know whether, and how, the strategies we developed can be adapted and used in other learning areas.  We have 3 research questions;

    1. What does active learning look like in different subjects? (Are there differences in what works? If so, what are they and why is that? Can students have ‘too much of a good thing’ or is it good to use active learning activities in all or most of their classes?)  
    2. Can the ‘teacher as coach’ metaphor be adapted for peer to peer professional learning? (What happens when teachers model and coach new strategies with other teachers? When does it work best and why? When doesn’t it work and why?) 
    3. Does increased activity during class learning time contribute to increased participation in sports and physical activity in out of class time?  


    Kaikorai Valley College