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  • Hannah Hobbs 17 Aug 2017 11:10am () in Today's Session

    1 Using Prizmo on IOS


    2 Using Prizmo – desktop


    3 Using your mac to create an audiobook for any learner.


    4 Read & Write Chrome extension


    5 QR codes to help you remember what we played with and how it might help


    6 Discussion of a child you are working with and how you think you might try this with your class.



  • Hannah Hobbs 01 Mar 2016 2:29pm () in Hello

    Hi all, hope you are busy getting stuck into the modules and resources, we are up and running for the year - we are roughly aligned with the Uni calendar.

    I started lectures at Massey this morning - up at 5 am ... so I too am doing the teaching / learning juggle.


    These modules are only a taster - so do let me know if there is something you really want to dig into more - only too happy to help.



  • Hannah Hobbs 24 Feb 2016 2:07pm () in Page not displaying properly


    I have set up a main page /groups/profile/935350/special-education-communities-of-learning and some subpages.

    the subpages are displaying content but the main page is empty - I have tried checking permissions to public etc... but when people other than me log into it , it looks empty :-(

  • Hannah Hobbs 24 Nov 2015 8:48am () in Gamification of Self Management



    I am looking at the Feuerstein approach to developing Executive functions.  So going a bit further than self management and looking at the underling competencies which are needed to create and assess and regulate self management.

    Building Learner Dispositions and explicitly teaching executive function skills.

    I really like the idea of gamification of these competencies. Particularly the framework as noted by Tara.  I think that this would be best served as a method of recognition for demonstrated competency at each level of executive functioning...

    I am working on a one-note - collecting my ideas and resources for teaching children about things like growth mindset, neuroplasticity, learning styles etc... At the moment its aimed at the yr 7-10 age group, I would be happy to share / collaborate with anyone else who is thinking along the same lines.


    Cheers to Paul for starting up such an interesting thread!

  • Hannah Hobbs 03 Sep 2015 1:38pm () in Woop I accidentally made a group

    how do you delete a group?