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  • Carly Kidd 28 Apr 2017 5:31pm () in What does LT Planning in a collaborative learning space look like...

    Thanks everyone for your replies, at this stage I am still unsure of what is expected... what will ERO expect to see? I am not one for planning for planning sake, so I really want to make sure that what we are doing is, first and foremost - meeting the needs of our students and supporting/maximising teaching and learning. So at this stage we are still going to complete LT plans which is of course based on student needs from e-asTTle testing, teacher observations and other sources. Here is a sample template that I have created and is being trialled in our school. It is something that I have adapted over the last few years from a previous school and have made changes to, to hopefully make it purposeful in an ILE with 5 teachers. The idea would be that all teachers can see and share resources if they are teaching similar concepts and if one teacher has a concept that you may have lots of great links/tools for that you can easily drop them into their resources section. The most valuable part for us is the modelling books used for each reading group (not on the plan, but would be linked to it in the resources section) this is shared with the reading group to be able to work in and other students to view. It enables students to have access anytime and the teaching team to see what is being taught and use ideas from each other.

     Feedback gratefully received! Thanks in advance :)


  • Carly Kidd 28 Feb 2017 10:34am () in What does LT Planning in a collaborative learning space look like...

    Kia Ora,

    I've been searching, thinking and discussing with some of my Colleagues Long term planning for reading, writing and maths...

    We currently have 5 teachers in our year7/8 team using student data to drive teaching programmes. By this I mean analysing what students need, offering workshops on a 2 -4 week cycle (all referenced to LIs and SC) and students sign up based on their own analysis of their assessments ( all based on NZC of course!). Planning is very collaborative and I feel, meeting the individual needs of our students. This of course changes based on whether a student grasps the concept or not, students and teachers make this decision together (where possible).

    So my question that I would like your help with is... does LT planning have a place in this environment? And if so how does it fit- without planning overload?

    Has anyone out there mastered this? Have advice/ideas about it? Or trialling formats that they are willing to share?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Carly Kidd 07 Dec 2016 11:08pm () in Collaborative Planning - What does it look like on screen?

    Hi Tracey,

    I would also love to see what your collaborative plans look like as we are going into a larger team with 5 teachers and 150 students!

    Thanks in advance,

    Carly Kidd - carlyk@thegardens.school.nz

  • Carly Kidd 01 Jul 2016 7:25pm () in Power to the students

    I agree with Couros - there have been many occasions where I have set an activity or video to view and then had students ask if they could do ....., choose.... instead. Often their ideas and their choice of content/activity are much more meaningful, engaging and motivating to them. Why on Earth would we take that away from them?  I believe that the biggest mindset shift for teachers today is moving away from the traditional thinking that 'teachers have the knowledge and need to control the learning environment', when teachers can get passed this they will see the real joy in their role in the learning environment is being able to learn with and from students and being the mentor/guide/advisor/nurturer - it so enjoyable to be part of their journey and sharing in the excitement and wonders that they come up with!  

    I now often go through the Learning intention, offer up my content and challenge them to find something better- share it and tell me why they find it better... boys love a challenge and are engaged in finding the 'ultimate' video/activity...in their own time!!! With great achievement results too, so my goal is to utilise this across the curriculum!

    We can't hold our students back because we feel we lack the knowledge/skill/confidence to teach them the amazing stuff that they need now - to me that is a crime!  We do have the life and teaching experience as well as the understanding of how our increasingly diverse students learn and that is where we can inspire our students to really push boundaries and love their learning.  

  • Carly Kidd 12 Jan 2016 1:40pm () in Moving into ILE in 2016....

    Hi everyone,

    Like many of you out there I am moving into a shared teaching space too! I am really excited and super keen to get into it! After 16 years of having my own classroom and students, I will be sharing a fantastic bunch of Year 6 students with another 2 teachers who will be job sharing. We will have approx 60 students in two classrooms that have a big sliding door between them (which shall remain wide open!), we have a large covered space out the front of our space and a bit out the back that we intend to utilise too.  We are in the process of making decisions about planning formats and who is teaching what and when!  So far we have decided to start with what we already know - Google Docs, Sheets and Slides! We plan to start the year developing our students knowledge and understanding of Growth Mindset and how to use assessment data to identify next steps for learning. I have really gained a lot from my current studies at MindLab and have been reading a lot about MLE/ILE, MLP/ILP etc and have really enjoyed all the professional discussion here on the VLN. I thought I would share this is one reading that has got me really thinking as I head into a Modern Learning Environment with my Modern Learning Pedagogy :)  This is Joanne Bissett's thesis for her Masters Degree in Educational Management and Leadership ... http://unitec.researchbank.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10652/2700/Joanne%20Bissett_2015-02-23.pdf?sequence=1 

    If anyone has any planning formats or suggestions for planning/teaching etc. that have worked for them as they have embarked on their MLE journeys, I would really appreciate it!!!

    Thanks heaps in advance!! :)

  • Carly Kidd 12 Jan 2016 1:36pm () in Teaching in ILE

    Hi everyone,

    I agree with Catherine that having 3 teachers in the junior end would be more beneficial, as the students at these levels would need greater support and guidance as they develop the independence and mindset needed to get the most out of the MLE. From the readings and discussions I have had with colleagues about new entrant/ year 1 teaching, I agree that developing your own programmes based on the needs of your students and using Te whariki and the NCZ is also a great suggestion. 

    Best of luck with your journey :)

  • Carly Kidd 16 Jun 2015 10:30pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    Some asked if anyone was willing to share their google docs planning...I have been using Google docs for the last 2 and 1/2 years  for all planning and most of my assessment. It has been fantastic for collaboration and sharing of ideas with other staff and now with the students. This year I am teaching an e-learning class and now share my planning with the class, just reading and maths at the moment! My students love it and  sharing it makes it so easy to share links with them to other docs or resources I want them to use.  It has also enabled students to continue with learning when they are not able to make it to school, etc.

    Here is a sample of some of mine over the years:






    Hope they are useful :)