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Sarah Quinlan's discussion posts

  • Sarah Quinlan 10 Jun 2015 4:31pm () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    Hi Cheryl, 

    Thanks for your response we would love to find out a little more about how you run your licence system any chance i can flick you an email? 



  • Sarah Quinlan 25 May 2015 3:37pm () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    Hi Abbie, 

    That sounds really interesting in fact following your reply my colleague and I have decided to focus our inquiry on the independence license you mentioned. I was wondering if there was any chance i could speak with you a bit more about this. Where are you based in NZ it would be great to see this in action it sounds fabulous. 

    Many thanks 


  • Sarah Quinlan 08 May 2015 2:40pm () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    Hi, I am currently doing an inquiry into self directed learning within a modern learning environment. I'm really keen to learn more about how students (particularily young ones) are encouraged to self direct and how this is effectively managed and controlled in an environment with large numbers. Any help or advice would be greatlty appreciated!